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Reliable Data Access for Your Tools

Your network relies on tools to keep it running, secured and optimized, but it can be difficult for these tools to get access to the relevant data they need due to contention for SPAN ports or departmental barriers.

With Gigamon you can ensure your tools receive a complete picture of activity in your network and reduce risk by:

  • Centrally aggregating data and managing data distribution
  • Optimizing each tool’s data feed for their needs
  • Ensuring visibility and access to network data anywhere in your infrastructure

With pervasive visibility into network traffic, security tools can ensure that detection and protection tools don’t overlook threats to your environment and analysis tools can better detect patterns and trends with richer, more accurate data. This approach also gives network and application performance monitoring tools the visibility they need to confirm an IT service is performing as expected for employees or customers.

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Gigamon is the market leader for the fifth consecutive year

“Gigamon continues to be the leader in this space thanks to the breadth of its network monitoring equipment portfolio.”

Between 2013 and 2017, Gigamon market share grew from 26 to 37 percent due to a focus on customer-centric innovation and a dedication to leveraging network traffic visibility to optimize security infrastructure and maximize value for customers. In the 2018 report:

  • Gigamon is by far the largest vendor with 37 percent of revenue in CY17, twice the market share of its closest competitor.
  • In the enterprise market, Gigamon dominates by a wide margin with 37 percent market share, two and half times the market shares of its closest competitor.
  • In the government market, Gigamon commands a 61 percent market share, four times its closest competitor


Source: IHS Markit: Network Monitoring Equipment Annual Market Report, June 22, 2018 by Matthias Machowinski


Gigamon beats out networking competitors NetScout, Ixia, APCON and Viavi when it comes to network monitoring equipment market share.


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“When you oversee a network that processes more than 80Gb per second, it’s important to identify issues related to bandwidth
and latency right away, and Gigamon is a crucial partner in this.”

Micah Kroeze • Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology • Vela Trading Technologies

Gigamon offers a next-generation network packet broker for security.

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