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Networks have become far more complex as the volume, speed and variety of data traversing them grows. Many IT teams have struggled to keep up with the speed of digital business, but as the digital transformation continues, the importance of visibility — knowing what is happening in the network and to applications — is critical.

The Gigamon Platform, a next-generation network packet broker, aggregates, filters and delivers the right traffic – in the right format, at the right speed and at the right time – to the appropriate network performance monitoring (NPM), application performance management (APM) and security tools. It maximizes processing power and enables faster resolution of any network or application performance issues. In short, it's a foundational element to helping network administrators resolve today's information overload challenge and keep pace with the speed of the network.

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Gigamon Named #1 Market Leader in Network Monitoring

“Gigamon has a full portfolio of network monitoring equipment, addressing the whole range of deployments from small to very large.”

Gigamon is the largest network monitoring equipment vendor, with 36 percent of revenue in CY16, a 6-point increase over CY15 and more than twice the market share of its closest competitor.

In the enterprise market, Gigamon is leading by a wide margin with 37 percent market share, two and half times the market share of its closest competitor.

In the government market, the Gigamon lead is even bigger, at 59 percent of CY16 revenue and over three times the market shares of its closest competitor.

IHS Markit: Network Monitoring Equipment Annual Market Report, May 19, 2017 by Matthias Machowinski


IHS Markit Report Graphic of Competitors


Why Pervasive Visibility Is So Important

Gigamon CMO Kim DeCarlis reviews key differentiators for evaluating network monitoring solutions.


Bridge the NetOps and SecOps Divide

Synergize budgets and efforts by sharing tools and data.


Gigamon Platform – A New Approach to Visibility

Realize significant cost savings and operational efficiencies with the Gigamon Platform.

Training: Gigamon Visibility Appliances

Learn how the GigaVUE® H Series visibility appliances aggregate, filter and deliver the right traffic to your network performance and application monitoring tools.

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“When you oversee a network that processes more than 80Gb
per second, it’s important to identify issues related to bandwidth
and latency right away, and Gigamon is a crucial partner in this.”

Micah Kroeze • Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology • Vela Trading Technologies

Gigamon offers a next-generation network packet broker for security.

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