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Your network is an evolving ecosystem constantly in flux, under continuous attack and reliant on myriad tools to keep it running, secured, and optimized. And although your tools need to access your network traffic, none receive a complete picture because of blind spots that hinder your ability to see and control all the activity traversing your entire network.

Pervasive, intelligent and powerful visibility and control across the infrastructure that powers your business can enable you to reduce risk, manage complexity and minimize costs by:

  • Accelerating threat detection and incident response
  • Maximizing network availability
  • Ensuring your tools keep pace with your network upgrades

Access and transform your network traffic with a number of Gigamon solutions that harness the power of your physical, virtual and cloud network infrastructure and bridge your network and management tools by intelligently delivering relevant network traffic and powerful visibility and insights so you can see, manage and secure what really matters.

Security Operations teams like yours face tremendous challenges in combatting cyberattacks due to the compounding complexity of managing and securing your organizational infrastructure.  As networks are getting faster and more distributed, they carry more data across many environments – from physical devices to the public cloud.

The Gigamon next-generation approach to security enables you to reduce risk while keeping pace with the rapidly-evolving threat landscape by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of every tool in your security stack. In parallel, the Gigamon solution simplifies your security architecture to better protect your organization and shift control and advantage away from the attacker and back to you, the defender.

The Gigamon Security Delivery Platform enhances security across all elements of your infrastructure – on premises, virtual and cloud – and establishes a foundational layer of visibility into network traffic across four key pillars – prevention, detection, prediction and containment.

Public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has obvious benefits – scalability, availability and elasticity to name a few. However, when it comes to security and monitoring, the public cloud creates new and unique challenges. While the Cloud vendor provides security of the environment up to the hypervisor, security of the applications that you migrate into the cloud is still your responsibility.

With the Gigamon pervasive visibility solution, enterprises can extend their security posture in to the public cloud and as a result accelerate the time to detect threats to applications while taking advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud environment.

Isn’t it time to finally tame the vast amounts of network-traffic and data currently overwhelming your ability to monitor subscriber activity? With Gigamon purpose-built Service Provider solutions, you can gain visibility into subscriber activity at scale. At the same time significantly reduce monitoring costs, which allow you to increase average profitability per user while enabling a smooth and progressive migration from 4G/LTE to a 5G/CUPS architecture.

You’ll realize tangible benefits immediately and for years to come including the ability to differentiate visibility across high and low revenue subscribers, improve customer-experience monitoring, reduce or eliminate tool oversubscription and investment optimization across all infrastructure tools, in addition to the potential to drive subscriber growth while reducing subscriber churn.

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