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IHS Markit names Gigamon the market leader in network visibility.

Why Gigamon?

Only Gigamon can help you manage, secure and understand what’s happening across your entire network. We offer the industry’s number one visibility platform to optimize data in motion as volume, speed and threats grow exponentially. Now you can reduce complexity, risk and costs while gaining valuable insights to drive your business.

Gigamon history

Gigamon was founded in 2004 on a revolutionary idea to provide pervasive visibility into company data across the entire network. Our vision is to make it easier for companies to secure, manage and understand their data in motion, enabling stronger security and network performance. Now, over a decade later, our intelligent Gigamon Visibility Platform delivers pervasive visibility across physical and virtual, public/private/hybrid cloud and remote sites for the world’s leading organizations.

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Taking security further

Why do companies use Gigamon for better visibility for security? We enable you to:

  • Deploy a wide range of security solutions
  • Identify malware movement
  • Accelerate the detection of exfiltration
  • Significantly reduce the overhead, complexity and costs of security deployments

Gigamon security solutions can help.

Public cloud visibility is smart business.

By 2018, more than 50% of enterprises will have lifted a good portion of their network into public cloud environments.* Such a migration can bring instant advantages, such as data management and security-tool economies of scale, as well as elasticity. And insights into public and hybrid-cloud data in motion can help extend your network economically, safely, and profitably. This is where visibility comes in.

*RightScale Report. "State of the Cloud." Jan, 2016.

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Gigamon solutions have been deployed by many of the world's leading organizations including 423 of the Fortune 500 and 10 of the top 10 U.S. federal agencies.

Visibility Platform for Service Providers

Today, increasing volumes of data travel faster and faster across diverse and complex networks, connecting to billions of devices. And it's just the beginning...the Gigamon Visibility Platform provides pervasive visibility and intelligence across all network traffic, and enables you to:

  • Enhance tool processing throughput 
  • Scale traffic to fit existing tools
  • Achieve greater insight of subscribers, devices, and network resources
  • Make real-time strategic decisions
  • Roll-out new technologies faster
  • Keep costs in line and run your business more efficiently

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Gigamon is part of an ecosystem.

With an extensive, growing network of partners, only Gigamon offers the simplicity, breadth and depth needed to support the network optimization and security needs of organizations of all types and sizes. Our partners solve customer problems with leading monitoring solutions for network security, troubleshooting, application analysis, forensics review, compliance needs and more. Partners attach their solutions to the Gigamon Visibility Platform to get unobstructed access to any or all segments of the physical and virtual network. Gigamon and our partners seek to expand utilization of visibility, monitoring and security technologies and develop new best practices to help our customers.

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