Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure to Save Big

Cut through the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures to unlock savings that grow with you.



Manage Cloud Complexity and Cost

The shift to hybrid and multi-cloud environments can quickly become complex and costly for many organizations. To manage this complexity, and to deliver on the promise of the cloud to improve operational agility and scalability, organizations must have complete, consistent observability into all the data-in-motion on their hybrid or multi-cloud network.

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline provides organizations with the capability to access, broker, transform, and analyze packet-level traffic across all of on-premises and cloud environments. GigaVUE Cloud Suite optimizes the process of acquiring traffic using a virtual tap, traffic mirroring or tunneling to capture, filter, and distribute cloud traffic to all of the tools that need to consume this data. It delivers significant benefits in any hybrid or multi-cloud environment, benefits that increase as the scale and complexity of the cloud network increases. This process:

  • Eliminates the need for each tool to have its own agent, reducing the compute cycles and bandwidth needed to support these agents
  • Reduces the amount of traffic sent to tools while maintaining fidelity using proven Gigamon techniques such as Application Filtering and Application Metadata Intelligence.
  • Helps reduce data movement and backhauling costs by ensuring only relevant traffic is moved and, where possible, that this is moved as metadata not in raw form.

Strengthen tool efficiency to save big

How Gigamon Can Help

GigaVUE Cloud Suite reduces the complexity and cost of gaining visibility into and managing the tools traffic on your hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to deliver cloud efficiency and security at any scale.

Optimize Traffic Acquisition

Acquire, broker and transform tools traffic in a flexible, consistent way without all tools needing their own agent or other traffic acquisition process.

Integrate Existing and Cloud Tools

Existing and cloud tools plug into the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, enabling you to manage tools and traffic flows across your entire infrastructure.

Manage and Reduce Costs

Proven Gigamon Fabric Manager and GigaSMART capabilities send only relevant traffic to tools reducing agent, bandwidth and data movement costs.


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