Deep Observability is Foundational to Zero Trust

Accelerate Zero Trust implementation with network-level visibility and verification across your hybrid cloud infrastructure



Acquire Complete Network Visibility That is Key to Zero Trust

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline provides visibility into all network traffic—a level of visibility that is foundational to Zero Trust success. As John Kindervag, sometimes called the Father of Zero Trust, observed: “Gaining complete visibility into the network is like lighting up the whole street. When it comes to implementing Zero Trust, this is the best place to start.”


John Kindervag believes you can't protect the invisible.

How Gigamon Can Help

Gigamon applies native access techniques to acquire network traffic before transforming, optimizing, and distributing that traffic to the tools you are using to secure your hybrid cloud infrastructure and enforce your Zero Trust policies. Gigamon generates network-derived application metadata that can be used to continuously verify all network activity, in accordance with the “never trust, always verify” Zero Trust philosophy.

See All Your Traffic

Eliminate blind spots and detect vulnerabilities in all North-South, East-West, container, and encrypted traffic with the foundational visibility required for architecting Zero Trust.

Trust But Verify

Extend the value of cloud, security, and observability tools with metadata-based verification to deliver defense in depth and complete performance management across hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements by capturing and retaining network packet data to demonstrate compliance during audits and regulatory inspections.

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