Zero Trust Needs Visibility

“Visibility is the key to defending any valuable asset. You can't protect the invisible.”1 
- Forrester Research

Why Zero Trust?

Zero Trust:

  • Offers you a strategy for understanding and managing implicit trust in your modern computing environment
  • Provides a framework to address complexity introduced by digital transformation
  • Enables you to put controls and monitoring in place to decrease implicit trust and reduce risk

But first you must know which devices, identities, applications and data exist in your environment. Your journey starts with network visibility.

Discover expert insight on visibility, the Zero Trust framework and its impact on DoD cybersecurity.

“Zero Trust gives you unprecedented visibility into your digital business, from network packets to applications. Visibility, detection and prevention work together to secure your firm's most sensitive and valuable data assets.”1

Forrester Research

Zero Trust

Zero Trust Best Practices

Start your Zero Trust initiative with the practical, actionable advice presented in this brief.


TLS Traffic Visibility

Eliminate blind spots in the network — and support Zero Trust — with centralized decryption.


Rapid Threat Detection

Access network data to detect, investigate and respond to threats in real time with Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT.

1The Eight Business And Security Benefits Of Zero Trust, Forrester Research, Inc., September 25, 2019