Putting NetOps Back in Control

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Managing Your Network — It's Complicated

Your network is a complex tangle of routers, switches and ports — both physical and virtual. It’s on premises, in private and public clouds, and at remote sites. It’s also a host of tools — APM and NPM, SIEMs, firewalls — all hungry for network data. You’ve got to manage it all, as well as pass vital data to security analysts and comply with changing regulations.

It's complex, but Gigamon is here to help. Gigamon is by far the most widely deployed next-generation network packet broker. And our comprehensive set of network visibility, analytics and optimization solutions —the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline — goes beyond aggregating traffic and passing it to tools. It also includes:

  • Broad and deep visibility across your private, public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Full visibility into encrypted traffic flows or sessions
  • Layer 7 visibility to identify applications and reveal app and user behavior
  • Rich application and protocol metadata to enable deeper analytics and more effective monitoring and security tools

By sitting between your tools and the infrastructure layer, Gigamon also drives down infrastructure complexity and makes network management far simpler. Check out this before and after situation — it's that good.


Under Armour explains why visibility is imperative.

Chaos to Clarity with Gigamon

Putting NetOps Back in Control

Get the Network Performance and Tools ROI You Deserve

Degraded performance, oversubscribed tools and ever-increasing costs. Sound familiar? Change this narrative with help from Gigamon:

  • Application Filtering Intelligence, a pioneering new tool for managing your network, sends only relevant application traffic to tools while filtering out tool-clogging traffic such as social media and videos
  • De-duplication and packet slicing eliminate redundant or irrelevant parts of packets so tools get only what they need for analysis
  • Centralized NetFlow generation offloads this resource-intensive task from routers and switches while generating high-fidelity NetFlow

Say Yes to Consistent High Availability

Uptime — it’s arguably the single most important measure of NetOps success. How does Gigamon help? Take a look at these Gigamon solutions:

  • Inline bypass safely removes single points of failure from inline tools. Fix or replace them without disrupting network operations.
  • Load balancing automatically redistributes traffic in case of tool failure and restores tool availability upon recovery.
  • Flow Mapping® collects line-rate traffic at 100Mb, all the way up to 100Gb from physical and virtual connections, and delivers an optimized feed to lower-rate tools.

For Strong Network Security, Full Visibility Is Necessary

Are you doing everything you can to combat today's sophisticated cyber threats? Unless you’ve got full Layer 2–7 visibility across virtual, container-based and cloud platforms, then the answer is likely “no.” Gigamon gives broad and deep visibility so both you and your security tools can better protect your organization.

  • SSL/TLS Decryption exposes threats hidden in encrypted traffic without sacrificing security tools' performance
  • Application Metadata Intelligence provides rich application and protocol metadata to empower your SIEMs and other analytics tools
  • Application Visualization accurately identifies more than 3,000 applications so shadow IT and port spoofing attempts don’t pass unnoticed

Get All the Benefits of Cloud without the Compromises

How can NetOps remain relevant in a cloud world? Public cloud services and data center virtualization can save money and increase agility, but at the cost of reduced network visibility and control. Managing the user experience and incident response become much more difficult — if not impossible.

GigaVUE Cloud Suite puts NetOps teams back in control. With cloud visibility solutions for the leading public cloud platforms and private cloud technologies, you get:

  • Visibility to monitor performance and troubleshoot workloads more effectively on private cloud and public cloud – whether virtual machine or container environments
  • Vendor-certified solutions that are easy to deploy and automatically support dynamic scaling of VMs
  • A pervasive, unified view of your entire network and the ability to optimize and direct cloud traffic to on-premises or cloud-based tools

“When you oversee a network that processes more than 80Gb per second, it’s important to identify issues related to bandwidth and latency right away, and Gigamon is a crucial partner in this.”

Micah Kroeze, Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology, Vela Trading Technologies


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