GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes

Deep observability into container-based workloads

Deep Observability into Container Workloads

Inspecting intra-and inter-container traffic is essential for security and compliance in hybrid cloud environments. However, that’s easier said than done. Today’s containerized applications are extremely complex and highly dispersed.

GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for Kubernetes provides simple and scalable deep observability into container environments without impacting performance. It lets you:

  • Easily acquire traffic from any Docker-based container, regardless of Container Network Interface (CNI)
  • Access and aggregate container traffic from multiple cloud platforms
  • Optimize traffic and generate application metadata to troubleshoot performance and security issues
  • Deliver targeted traffic and rich app metadata to your observability and security tools

73% of enterprises are using or planning to use Kubernetes


Gain the deep observability you need to fortify container security and enhance performance.

Eliminate Container Blind Spots
Expand visibility into Docker container traffic and scale to support any number of Kubernetes clusters, nodes, and pods.

Strengthen Security Posture
Maintain a consistent security and compliance posture by tracking risky activities and threats that can propagate laterally across containers.

Automated Scalability
Automatically scale deep observability to discover new workloads and support any number of containers and pods.

See How It Works

Integration of GigaVUE Cloud Suite with Universal Container Tap (UCT) in Docker environments.

Product Details

GigaVUE Cloud Suite works with Kubernetes environments to acquire traffic from containers running in your private and public cloud environments. For Docker containers, a Universal Container TAP (UCT) controller works with GigaVUE-FM fabric manager to deploy UCTs without special software, kernel modules, or application redesigns.

Universal Container TAP (UCT)

Deployed on each worker node, UCT uses eBPF to mirror traffic at the kernel, and tunnel traffic to a V Series virtual visibility node.

GigaVUE V Series

Filter and aggregate packets from UCT and perform advanced processing, such as packet deduplication or header or payload slicing, and send to any number of security and monitoring tools.

GigaVUE-FM (Fabric Manager)

Via Kubernetes APIs, GigaVUE-FM dynamically learns where new containers and pods have been established, instantiates new UCT instances, configures policies, and directs traffic to the tools of your choice.


“We’re excited about the new Universal Container Tap (UCT) solution in GigaVUE Cloud Suite as it shows how Gigamon continues to innovate to stay current with modern software architectures, including a wide range of Kubernetes-based container deployments. Gigamon is heading in the right direction.”

Steve Watt, Principal, President, Layer8

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