GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes

Intelligent network traffic visibility for container-based workloads

Pervasive Container Visibility

It’s easy to understand why so many organizations embrace containerized workloads. They offer ease of portability, higher densities per server, lightweight design with less memory demands, in addition to accelerating app modifications, bug fixes and deployment.

However, with every application involving potentially hundreds of widely dispersed microservices, you need visibility into this burgeoning environment.

Now you can make hidden Docker-based container pods managed by Kubernetes visible. GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes lets you:

  • Acquire all container pod traffic and aggregate via a visibility tier 
  • Deploy a containerized TAP with automation and simplified management
  • Optimize and forward traffic to security and network monitoring tools
  • Identify 3,500 apps, filter and send to the proper tool with contextual insights

73% of enterprises are using or planning to use Kubernetes


Gain deep visibility to enhance security, compliance, and performance.

Gain Visibility
Obtain visibility into Docker container traffic and scales to support any number of containers and pods.

Enhance Security
Reduce security risks and track lateral propagation of threats across container environments.

Automate for Efficiency
Automatically discover new workloads and modify the visibility tier.

See How It Works

Integration of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes in Docker Environments

Product Details

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Kubernetes offers interoperability with Kubernetes native environments and supports public and private clouds. For Docker containers with Kubernetes, the controller works with GigaVUE-FM fabric manager via APIs to deploy a lightweight, agentless Docker container-based vTAP without the need for special software, kernel modules or application redesigns.

G-vTAP Container

Deployed on each worker node, it receives mirrored traffic from the container network on the same node, and tunnels pre-filtered traffic to the virtual V Series or hardware HC Series appliances.

GigaVUE V Series

Aggregate packets from the worker nodes to provide advanced processing by eliminating duplicated packets, slicing out irrelevant header and payload content, and sending to appropriate security and monitoring tools.

GigaVUE-FM (Fabric Manager)

Via APIs, GigaVUE-FM dynamically learns where new worker nodes have been established, instantiates new G-vTAP Containers, configures policies and directs traffic to the visibility nodes.


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