Cloud and Virtualization Visibility Solutions

Confidently deploy and migrate critical workloads to the cloud and virtual infrastructure.

Gain Control and Visibility Into Your Cloud Operations

Organizations are embracing cloud and virtualization to drive innovation and enhance agility. As more workloads move to these environments, you open yourself up to new risks. Too many cloud migrations and cloud-native projects take longer and cost more than expected.

To succeed, you need full control and visibility into cloud operations so you can:

  • Troubleshoot network issues quickly and deliver a superior user experience
  • Empower NetOps and DevOps while ensuring new applications are scalable, secure and supportable
  • Detect threats and breaches in the cloud — before they do serious damage

That’s where Gigamon cloud visibility solutions come in. Gigamon significantly reduces your cloud migration and development risks — and lowers cloud operation and tool costs.

public cloud

Public Cloud Visibility

Extend your network management, security and compliance to hosted workloads on AWS, Azure or any public cloud — and Kubernetes.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Visibility

See into East-West flows to manage and secure virtualized applications running on Kubernetes, Nutanix, OpenStack or VMware.

NFV visibility

NFV Visibility

Acquire and deliver relevant traffic to your tools from your virtualized network functions and services running on Kubernetes, OpenStack or VMware.

Secure, manage and optimize your cloud and virtualization deployments

  • Extend your security posture and compliance to cloud workloads by sending selected traffic to your physical or cloud-network tools.
  • Get visibility to all cloud and virtualization traffic in order to accelerate threat detection, monitor the user experience and pinpoint performance issues.
  • Get unified orchestration and management across your hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure. Scale automatically with frictionless cloud network monitoring as your cloud resources scale up or dow.
  • Reduce cloud provider and tool costs by generating NetFlow/IPFIX, eliminating duplicate packets and filtering irrelevant application traffic.

See into containerized apps

Today’s digital applications are increasingly complex, multi-tier and containerized. Eliminate a growing network blind spot with visibility into containerized network traffic. Explore our container visibility solutions for Docker and Kubernetes.


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