TLS/SSL Decryption

Eliminate network blind spots – your Zero Trust Architecture demands it.

Efficiently Inspect and Monitor Encrypted Traffic

Encrypted traffic surge demands smarter decryption. GigaSMART® TLS/SSL Decryption unlocks deep observability for security and monitoring tools, allowing you to protect your network against threats. Decrypt selectively, maintain data privacy, optimize performance, and validate against security policies for Zero Trust compliance.

TLS/SSL Decryption empowers SecOps, NetOps, and application teams to: 

  • Unmask hidden threats in encrypted traffic
  • Decrypt once and feed many tools with centralized decryption
  • Feed both inline and out-of-band tools
  • Simplify monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Visualize encrypted traffic

Streamline and boost the effectiveness of your security and monitoring tools by delegating resource-intensive decryption tasks.


Understanding TLS Decryption: Getting It Right


Leverage Existing Tools

Allow inspection by security and monitoring tools while maintaining overall data and security posture.

Maintain Data Encryption

Enable decrypted data to be
re-encrypted before sending
it to its intended destination.

Reinforce Zero Trust

Validate encrypted traffic to reinforce Zero Trust architectures and enforce security policies.

See How it Works

TLS/SSL decryption

Product Details

GigaSMART centralizes decryption, including TLS 1.3, enhancing security and performance across the hybrid cloud. It exposes malware hidden in encrypted traffic and supports both inline and passive modes.

Flexible Deployment Options

Enable TLS/SSL detection on any port or application, from 10 Mb up to 100 Gb interface support. Decrypt once, feed as many tools in any sequence as required.

Integration Options

Integrate smoothly with the Venafi Trust Protection Platform and Entrust nCipher (HSM) to centralize key management and validation. Enable automatic TLS/SSL detection on any port.

Future-Proof Scalability

Protect tool performance and scale as needed. Support easy tool maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Add or remove tools with no service interruption.

Rapid Troubleshooting

Assess performance, compliance, and risks with granular visualization controls in the TLS/SSL Dashboard.

With the TLS/SSL Dashboard, you can:


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