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Turn Complexity into Clarity

Gigamon brings deep observability to the visibility layer between your network and tools, enabling you to eliminate East-West security blind spots, improve signal-to-noise ratio by up to 50 percent, troubleshoot performance and application bottlenecks up to 10x faster, and deploy new tools in minutes, not months.

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Point Use Cases. Big NetOps Wins.

Gigamon puts NetOps in control from layer 2 to layer 7, from the data center to the cloud, and from being the one to blame to the one who leads. Check out the examples below.

Eliminate East-West Network Blind Spots

Give your tools visibility into all data-in-motion from the data center to public clouds, and even containers.

Centrally Decrypt Traffic, Double Your Tools Capacity

Decrypt once and send each tool the traffic it needs, with the right level of privacy.

Defer New Tools Purchase for Years

Eliminate irrelevant data and reduce traffic to tools by over 50 percent, without losing data fidelity.

A New Lease on Life for Existing Tools

Redeploy legacy appliances on today’s faster networks with full port compatibility.

Filter Traffic by Application

Identify 3,500+ applications and filter out specific app traffic to reduce load on tools. Fun fact: This is now our #1 deployed optional module.

Extend Your Security Stack to Cloud Workloads

Need to buy time as you refactor your cloud monitoring and security? See how to reuse existing tools for cloud workloads.

Detect Crypto Mining Across the Hybrid Cloud

Suspect illicit activities? Efficiently deliver network metadata to observability and SIEM tools. Fun Fact: Everyone discovers something interesting.

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