GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure

Deliver actionable intelligence to your security and observability tools to protect resources and ensure performance.

Achieve Deep Observability into Network and Application Traffic

Microsoft Azure offers vast scalability, reduced operational overhead, lower CAPEX — and is fully interoperable with on-premises and private clouds. But without complete workload visibility, including east-west flows, and derivation of advanced metadata, you lack contextual insights and could encounter blind spots that miss hidden threats or subpar user experience.

Fortunately, there’s GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for Azure, part of the Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline architecture. It helps ensure security, maintain compliance, and deliver optimal network performance by extending visibility to workloads running in Azure VNets. In addition, tight coupling with Azure Resource Manager and third-party orchestration solutions enable a fully automated environment. IT can now attain the same level of visibility and security across hybrid cloud environments as datacenters.

With GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure, you can:

  • Strengthen security with visibility into applications, advanced metadata, and identification of shadow IT operations.
  • Simplify transitions to the cloud through a common design across hybrid clouds, key feature parity, and centralized management.
  • Minimize expenses by removing superfluous content to shrink backhauled traffic and offload tools for reduced scaling.
  • Expand telemetry sources beyond MELT-based approaches to expedite root cause analysis and identify and remediate security concerns.

47% of workloads are in the public cloud today


Achieve full Azure network and application visibility to solve challenging use cases.

Safeguard Critical Resources
Rapidly detect malware, rogue software, data exfiltration, and other security breaches and ensure compliance.

Enhance User Experience
Deliver critical app-aware metadata to observability and monitoring tools to maximize network performance and exceed SLAs.

Accelerate Cloud Migrations
Unify on-premise and hybrid cloud environments with a common deep observability pipeline, centralized control, and complete automation.

Extending Azure Visibility Across the Entire Hybrid Cloud

Provide on-prem or cloud-based tools with in-depth visibility into Azure cloud traffic, including interconnected VMs, across your organization.


Product Details

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure acquires all VM and container-based traffic of interest. Utilizing packet de-duplication, application, session, VM and port filtering and slicing,  it streamlines traffic. Masking, header transformations, and secure tunneling add a security dimension. Data is enriched with application-layer metadata attributes and distributed to the appropriate tools. It includes:

G-vTAP Modules

Lightweight agent-like modules deployed on each VM acquire, filter, and mirror traffic and send copied traffic via IPSec to the visibility tier.

GigaVUE V Series

Visibility nodes deployed in a VNet aggregate, select, optimize, filter and distribute traffic to tools. Processes GigaSMART applications, including Application Intelligence with multi-gigabit throughput rates per instance.


This fabric manager provides single pane-of-glass orchestration and management across the entire hybrid infrastructure—on-premises and in Azure.


“If [my peers] are moving to the cloud, there’s a big hole that they cannot fill unless they have Gigamon.”

Mark Kaplan, IT Director, BARBRI Group

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