Packet De-Duplication

Remove duplicate packets to boost network monitoring accuracy and security tool effectiveness.

Why Your Packets Need De-Duplication

How many duplicate packets are weighing down your systems? Packet duplication occurs when multiple tap and aggregation points, deployed throughout the datacenter to acquire necessary traffic, result in redundant copies of packets. Duplicates can also be caused by inter-VLAN communication, incorrect switch policy settings or unavoidable SPAN/mirror port configurations.

Unfortunately, these additional copies can well exceed 80 percent of traffic volume seen on your network. This takes up vital monitoring infrastructure bandwidth and tool computing power. As a result tools get overwhelmed causing them to lose effectiveness, which results in inaccurate analysis.

Problems that arise from duplicated packets include :

  • Misinterpretation by security tools, resulting in false positives
  • Improper performance diagnosis due to artificially elevated packet and byte counts
  • Reduced data retention periods on forensic recorders due to added storage burdens
  • Inaccurate flow data in NetFlow/IPFIX reports

Gigamon Solution — Duplicate Packet Removal with GigaSMART

Stop Overloading Your Tools with Identical Packets

What is packet de-duplication? De-duplication is a technique whereby duplicate packets are identified and dropped, while unique packets are left untouched.

The GigaSMART® De-Duplication application targets, identifies, and eliminates duplicate packets, blocking unnecessary duplication and sending optimized flows to your security and network monitoring tools. GigaSMART offloads the de-duplication task from these tools, letting you centralize this function while providing multiple tools with the same feed.

GigaSMART De-Duplication benefits include:

  • Enjoy significantly improved tool effectiveness and accuracy
  • Experience increased traffic volume analysis without swelling tool expenditure
  • Gain better security analytics and reduce false positive results
  • Get faster, more accurate forensics and malware detection
  • Reduce tool storage capacity requirements

GigaSMART De-Duplication is accurate and customizable. It lets you tune duplicate detection to improve accuracy and effectiveness. For example, you can specify whether two packets that are identical except for specific headers or fields (for example, MAC address, IP TOS or TCP Sequence number) are considered duplicates. In addition, the duplicate detection window is configurable to match your network traffic acquisition deployment.

The application also supports service chaining so that you can direct the de-duplicated traffic stream to multiple GigaSMART applications in succession, such as to the NetFlow generation and export app.



Learn how you can unburden your tools from duplicate packets with De-duplication.



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Training: GigaSMART Packet De-duplication

Get the most out of your visibility and security investments with free online learning. Data De-duplication allows you to unburden your network from the weight of duplicate packets so it can run at hyper speed. To learn more, check out our GigaSMART packet De-duplication training video.

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If saving money is a top priority, then you need a solution that can feed tools only the traffic that really matters. Nothing more. Nothing less. When your tools run more efficiently, you can start seeing real savings.

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