Where Security Meets Automation - Gigamon
Where Security
Meets Automation
Delivering a platform that can
take your security further with
Software-Defined Visibility.
Network Visibility Solutions - Gigamon
Out of reach just
came into view.
Gigamon’s visibility solutions enable
strategic insights that businesses
can build on.
Learn how forward-looking organizations are
simplifying monitoring and better securing
their next-generation infrastructure with
state-of-the-art visibility.

Active Visibility

Empowering your migration to next-generation business infrastructure.

Monitor Network Traffic - LAN

High bandwidth
converged networks

Network Visibility - Security

security to protect
against cyberattacks

Virtualized data center - Active Visibility

data center

Cloud architecture - Gigamon

Hybrid architectures
leveraging the cloud

Branches & BYOD - Gigamon

Multiple branch
office and BYOD

With your 21st century infrastructure, your ability to see traffic, manage security risks, gauge performance and
rapidly resolve failures can be limited. Active visibility can help solve these challenges.


Take the First Step to Active Visibility for Your Business

Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ helps organizations gain visibility and insights into their infrastructure,
enabling them to become more agile, secure and cost effective.