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Why Gigamon?

We offer a deep observability pipeline that efficiently delivers network-derived intelligence to your cloud, security, and observability tools. This eliminates security blind spots and reduces tool costs, enabling you to better secure and manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Learn How Gigamon Can Help You

Eliminate Security Blind Spots

Learn how Gigamon can help you eliminate blind spots across hybrid cloud infrastructure by delivering network-derived intelligence to your security and observability tools. Gain deep observability into lateral traffic to detect previously hidden threats and strengthen your security posture.

Optimize Network Traffic

Learn how Gigamon can help you make existing network traffic tools up to 90 percent more efficient by eliminating duplicate and irrelevant traffic, filtering out low-risk traffic, and centralizing deduplication and decryption — without compromising data fidelity and security.

Reduce Tool Costs

Learn how Gigamon can help you to optimize and improve signal-to-noise ratio of network traffic ingestion to realize a potential 50-60 percent savings on your tools spend along with deferrals of in-year new capacity purchases.


“We built our hybrid cloud utilizing AWS and Azure, multi-cloud visibility is extremely important to us. It allows us to understand our traffic, understand our potential threat, and also give us the ability to be proactive with any threat intelligence we get.”

WADDAAH KEIRBECK, Global Chief Technology Officer, Corpay


“We needed a reliable solution that monitors the relevant data traffic without loss or error to detect signs of disruption directly and provide immediate assistance to our customers.”

ATHANASIOS AVGERIDIS, SVP Core, IP Networks and Operations


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