Inline Bypass

Maximize threat prevention, security and network resilience

Remove the Single Point of Failure from Your Network

How can you maximize the efficacy of inline threat prevention tools without compromising network performance or overcomplicating your security stack?

One way to maintain network performance and security is to deploy a Gigamon Inline Bypass Threat Prevention solution which acts as a fail-safe access port for inline security tools, such as web application firewall (WAF), intrusion prevention system (IPS), and advanced threat protection (APT) solutions.

The GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform offers an inline bypass switch, which enables enterprises to:

  • Keep up with growing network traffic volumes by improving the performance of inline security tools.
  • Streamline operations so you can complete security functions in hours versus weeks.
  • Eliminate single points of tool failure by creating a resiliency layer.
  • Solve the problem of asymmetric routing by enabling resilient (dual path) network architectures.


Most Advanced Physical and Logical Bypass Switch

Inline bypass protection comes in two forms: logical and physical. Both operate on the principle that traffic must continue, even if you don't have the power to inspect it.

A physical bypass switch provides users with the ability to physically forward packets in the event of a Gigamon visibility node power failure. It also allows you to perform maintenance and upgrade your tools without impacting network operation or downtime. Switching to protected mode occurs automatically and without software intervention upon the loss of power.

Logical bypass happens in the event of inline tool failure and forwards traffic either to  other tools or to the network. The system detects failure when the link with that tool breaks down, the inline tool stops responding or during loss of software control, thus enabling you to safely remove or upgrade an inline appliance, or even move it from one network segment to another, without disrupting the network.


A Technical View of Inline Bypass

Learn the technical benefits of inline bypass and prevention, including negative heartbeat and IPFIX. 


Reduce the Cost of Cybersecurity

Get better performance out of your existing security devices. Improve your security posture with inline bypass.


Gigamon Resilient Inline Protection (GRIP)

Move tools from outlying detection mode to inline prevention mode—yet stay resilient.

Kwizda Holding GmbH: Lock Down Networks with Latest Encryption — Without Sacrificing Visibility

Training: How Inline Bypass Fuels Inline Prevention

Get the most out of your visibility and security investments with free online learning. 

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“The performance of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery
Platform has been exceptional. I don’t even know where the
ceiling is because we haven’t even come close to hitting it.
Everything that we’ve wanted to do with the company’s solution,
we’ve been able to do.”

Neil R. “Grifter” Wyler • Network Operations Center Lead • Black Hat

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