Traffic Aggregators

Aggregate and optimize network traffic.

Aggregate. Filter. Optimize.

Traffic aggregators bring together traffic from TAPs (test access points) and SPANs ports (switched port analyzers) across the network, giving a pervasive view into information-in-motion, and optimize monitoring tools by filtering on traffic that matters.

Traffic aggregators are typically known as physical visibility node appliances, but in this world of digital transformation we are seeing more and more virtual appliances.

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“My highest priority was finding a solution that allowed us to watch more than the ocean of data passing at the network border, that allowed us to sharpen our focus on the data we care about most. Now, we feel more comfortable that we’re not missing traffic and are better able to highlight and inspect traffic of interest to reduce false positives and optimize inline security tool performance.”

John Hoyt, Security Information and Operations Director, Clemson University

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