GigaVUE Cloud Suite

Close the cloud visibility gap to gain control and visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure



Migrate Workloads While Ensuring Security and Agility

GigaVUE Cloud Suite is a cloud-based observability and analytics solution that helps to eliminate network blind spots as you move workloads to the cloud, reducing security and compliance risks while improving performance, so you can:

  • Obtain a unified view of data in motion anywhere across hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Easily acquire data from multiple sources, automatically optimizing and send it to cloud, security and observability tools
  • Send rich, contextual network metadata for analysis — beyond the limitations of metrics, events, logs, and traces
  • Help eliminate cloud blind spots with plaintext visibility of encrypted communications, including lateral, inbound, and outbound with Gigamon Precryption technology



Omdia confirms Gigamon Precryption is a “simple and elegant” solution for encrypted East-West traffic visibility.

Public Cloud Visibility

Extend your network performance, security, and compliance to hosted workloads on AWS, AzureGoogle Cloud Platform or any public cloud. 

Empower Cloud Transformation

Derive the same observability, automation, and traffic automation in the cloud as with on-premises deployments.

Support Multi-Cloud Environments

Take control of AWS, Azure, GCP, and other public/hybrid cloud computing environments.

Stay Secure

Easily extend security and compliance from on-premises to public cloud  and gain plaintext visibility into encrypted traffic, keeping private communications private and boosting security tool effectiveness.

Private Cloud

See into East-West flows to manage and secure virtualized applications running on Kubernetes, Nutanix, OpenStack, Red Hat and VMware.

Automated Workload Visibility

Ensure continuous traffic visibility into dynamic VM and container-based applications.

Expand Tools Effectiveness

Optimize and deliver relevant traffic to tools to enhance security and performance with reduced scaling.

Centralize Visibility

Unify multi-fabric orchestration and management with a single-pane-of-glass fabric manager.


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