NetFlow Generation

Take the pressure off routers and switches with more efficient NetFlow.

NetFlow: Gain Visibility. Take Control.

NetFlow is an efficient method for delivering basic Layer 2–4 network traffic data to analysis tools. But extracting high-quality NetFlow using routers and switches can severely strain resources, leading to dropped packets. Other problems include reduced accuracy by relying on sampling and restricted interoperability due to limited format options.

The GigaSMART® NetFlow module overcomes these roadblocks by automatically generating NetFlow records and exporting them to your SIEMS, storage platforms and other tools. NetFlow from Gigamon has these advantages: 

  • Offloads NetFlow generation load from routers and switches
  • Provides full fidelity NetFlow intelligence vs. information derived from sampled packets
  • Supports all formats, including IPFIX and CEF

Gigamon NetFlow provides network and security teams with visibility into traffic types across systems, including multi-cloud environments. This helps organizations catch denial of service attacks, data exfiltration and other security-related activities. Similarly, network- and application-performance management (NPM and APM) tools can quickly troubleshoot and remediate user experience concerns and ensure SLAs. 

NetFlow is now part of our new bundled GigaSMART apps offer.

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Expand your metadata choices to over 5,000 attributes and obtain Layer 7 insights. These include details on hundreds of social media, database, ICS, financial and many other types of applications. Find out how using Gigamon Application Metadata Intelligence.


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NetFlow Generation

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