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Every organization has its own migration journey to the cloud, from lift-and-shift of on-prem data centers and workloads to the cloud; to refactoring existing applications to take advantage of cloud elasticity; or developing new, multi-tier, containerized applications.

Regardless of the model employed, your IT and cloud teams need visibility to monitor all aspects of a workload’s behavior, performance, security, and availability as it is migrated to the cloud. Once a workload has been successfully migrated, teams need ongoing monitoring for troubleshooting and performance. Gigamon Hawk:

  • Provides complete, packet-level visibility into public and private cloud platforms and on-prem environments
  • Enables IT and cloud teams to gain the necessary visibility into workloads at all stages of the migration process
  • Helps accelerate delivery, reduce risk, and ensure the success of cloud migration projects


Network visibility and analytics in the hybrid cloud

How Gigamon Can Help

Gigamon is the industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric for all data-in-motion across any cloud network. It offers access to high-fidelity, packet-level network data supports tools to help teams monitor, manage, and troubleshoot all aspects of application and workload performance. Cloud application log and trace files let teams combine packet and log data to provide cloud-native observability or analytic tools with the most context rich dataset to drive monitoring and troubleshooting functions.

Elastic visibility for any cloud

Deliver visibility-as-code that can elastically scale-up and scale-out on demand through a consumption-based licensing model which operates seamlessly across any public or private clouds.

Cloud visibility for network tools

Provide traditional network tools with immediate, agentless visibility into layers 2-7 across any cloud network.

Network visibility for cloud tools

Deliver the "ground truth" of data-in-motion to cloud tools, such as visibility into east-west container traffic and unmanaged devices, through network application metadata.

“The ease of use and customizable features provides lots of flexibility and allows us levels of visibility into our multi-cloud environment we have never seen before.”

IT Professional, Large US Bank


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