Logically divide traffic among ports

The Load Balancing feature is a licensable addition to the GigaSMART® engine that divides and distributes traffic among multiple tools, so network and security visibility can scale beyond the capacity a single tool can provide. Traffic can be distributed based on a variety of options: bandwidth, cumulative traffic, packet rate, connections, round robin, and stateless hashing.

Load Balancing allows operators to include any port in the node as a member of the tool group, as well as ports operating at different speeds. Operators can also weight traffic delivery on a per-port basis, to accommodate bandwidth differences or processing capabilities of attached tools, or match and load balance based on inner addressing within encapsulated and tunneled packets.

Benefits of the Load Balancing feature

  • Helps scale network infrastructure by dividing traffic between two or more tools when volume exceeds a single tool or port's capacity.
  • Improves efficiency by weighting traffic delivery to match tool processing capabilities or port bandwidth capacity.
  • Automatically redistributes traffic to remaining tools in case of tool failure. Automatically restores tool availability for new traffic upon failed tool recovery.
  • Enables load balancing of encapsulated or tunneled traffic (GTP, GRE, or ERSPAN).
  • GTP-aware load balancing helps mobile service providers ensure performance for individual subscribers or groups.

Load Balancing: one of many GigaSMART features

GigaSMART® offers a number of other essential traffic intelligence services required for active visibility into infrastructure blind spots, including:

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