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Is Your Network Security in Critical Care?

Healthcare providers are under pressure like never before. Faced with historic challenges, healthcare network and security professionals must act urgently to ensure that they have end-to-end visibility across their physical, virtual and hybrid cloud network. These teams, moreover, must ensure not only cybersecurity, but also business continuity network availability and security. To top it off, they  must achieve these goals with the same or fewer resources as revenues drop as a result of canceled elective surgeries and costs spike from the response to COVID-19.

The Gigamon Hybrid Cloud Visibility and Analytics Fabric provides organizations in the healthcare industry the network availability, visibility and healthcare security they need to deliver high-quality and secure patient care by:

  • Optimizing network and security tools efficiency by filtering out irrelevant or duplicate traffic
  • Using artificial intelligence to accelerate cybersecurity threat detection and response
  • Providing full network visibility across physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Using Gigamon, leading healthcare organizations are able to ensure that their NetOps and InfoSec teams are more efficient and can focus on ensuring 24/7 availability and security no matter how much stress is placed on their network.


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