Power your core and edge visibility nodes.

Visibility Operating System

GigaVUE-OS powers the G-TAP A Series 2 active TAP and GigaVUE TA Series and GigaVUE HC Series visibility nodes in the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. Proven in the most demanding Fortune 500 enterprise, government agency and large service provider environments, GigaVUE-OS provides the reliability required to help ensure accurate visibility into infrastructure blind spots. Built on a Linux kernel, it allows administrators to rapidly select traffic flows of interest, tag packets, remove headers, define traffic forwarding policies and apply advanced intelligence applications using GigaSMART®.

Simplify Your Monitoring and Security Architecture

GigaVUE-OS supports G-TAP A Series 2, GigaVUE TA Series, GigaVUE HC Series and select commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) switches (such as Dell S4112F-ON).

GigaVUE-OS provides several methods for management including the GigaVUE-FM, which gives users a single pane of glass to seamlessly manage all VAF nodes.

The breadth of the Gigamon portfolio coupled with the feature richness of GigaVUE-OS allow operators to get the best of reach, scale, cost and intelligence across the entire monitoring and security infrastructure, with a common software and operational model across the entire monitoring and security infrastructure.

GigaVUE-OS is a modularly designed operating system that offers a full range of capabilities, including:

  • Selectively aggregate, replicate and distribute traffic across multiple NPM, APM, security and CEM tools based on a programmable rule engine
  • Combine core intelligence capabilities in GigaVUE-OS with GigaSMART® traffic intelligence to maximize performance and ROI from tools
  • Create a security-focused deep observability pipeline that enables the deployment of inline, out-of-band and flow data-based tools across the network infrastructure

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