Innovative Traffic Distribution

An advanced technology used for distributing network traffic to multiple monitoring tools, GigaStream Traffic Distribution allows operators to group multiple tool ports into a logical bundle and throttle down traffic before transmission, overcoming port oversubscription. GigaStream technology further optimizes tool performance and security with dynamic, session-aware load balancing which can ensure complete traffic flows by maintaining the integrity of sessions. Each stream can be individually sent to tools or aggregated with other streams. By helping to ensure that all related packets stay together, GigaStream delivers the information critical for tools to provide maximum security and performance monitoring.

Innovative Traffic Distribution

GigaStream: Just One of GigaVUE-OS Fabric Services

GigaVUE OS offers other essential fabric services required for active visibility into infrastructure blind spots, including:

  • Patented Flow Mapping® technology: Select traffic flows of interest with precision
  • Clustering: Combines multiple heterogeneous devices and manage as one logical node. Allows utilization of capabilities of other nodes within the cluster
  • Inline Bypass


GigaStream Traffic Distribution

Learn how GigaVUE nodes are able to load-share traffic over multiple links or multiple tools using various GigaStream configurations.

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