GigaVUE Virtual Nodes

Cloud traffic aggregation, optimization and distribution

Extend Visibility to Virtual, Private and Public Cloud Environments

GigaVUE® virtual nodes enable security and monitoring tools to gain full network visibility across virtual, private cloud and public cloud environments. Eliminate network blind spots as you move workloads to the cloud, thereby significantly reducing security and non-compliance risks. 

GigaVUE virtual nodes can:

  • Aggregate private and public cloud traffic for a single view into your entire hybrid infrastructure
  • Extend the life and reach of your existing analytics and security tools
  • Optimize traffic using GigaSMART® intelligence to improve tool efficiency and effectiveness
  • Automatically monitor new virtual instances with patented Automatic Target Selection and automated visibility


See, Manage and Secure Cloud Network Data

GigaVUE V Series Features

GigaVUE V Series for AWS and Azure and OpenStack aggregates, optimizes and distribution of traffic from cloud environments with:

  • Automatic Target Selection: Extract traffic from any workload without the need to specify VPCs/vNETs/projects
  • Flow Mapping®: Select and forward traffic of interest based on Layer 2 - 7 criteria
  • NetFlow/IPFIX generation: Create flow records and metadata from network traffic, reducing traffic volume by up to 80%
  • Header Transformation: Modify header content (L2-L4) for security and segregation of sensitive information
  • GigaSMART Intelligence: Optimize packets and applications sent to tools, reducing tool load

GigaVUE-VM Features

GigaVUE-VM for VMware allows virtual machine (VM) traffic flows to be selected, optimized and delivered to monitoring and security tools. Only Gigamon provides traffic visibility in VMware-powered SDDC (ESXi and NSX) and multi-tenant clouds.

  • Support for vMotion and Live Migration: Ensure continuous visibility and integrity of monitoring policies as VMs migrate across physical machines
  • Multi-Hypervisor Support: Supports VMware ESXi and VMware NSX
  • Optimized Traffic Delivery: Flow Mapping and GigaSMART intelligence can be applied on the virtual traffic before forwarding to tools
  • Centralized Management: Manage virtual nodes and configure traffic using GigaVUE-FM
  • Automated Visibility for VMware NSX: Automatically associate visibility policies to newly spun-up VMs

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