Precryption Redefines Hybrid Cloud Security

Plaintext visibility eliminates blind spots across virtual, cloud, and container instances. No decryption required.

Precryption Reveals Concealed Threat Activity In The Cloud

Gigamon Precryption technology is a breakthrough approach to eliminating the biggest blind spot in modern hybrid cloud infrastructure: threat actor lateral activity concealed within encrypted communications. Leveraging Linux eBPF and standard encryption libraries, Precryption technology offers plaintext visibility into all encrypted communications before the payload is encrypted. No decryption required.

  • Maintain security compliance with a common solution for all forms of TLS without key management
  • Build a solid foundation for Zero Trust Architecture
  • Boost security tool effectiveness by a factor of 5x or more
  • Deploy without DevOps team pushback

Yes, it’s that good.


What is Precryption?

Fight Cybercrime with Precryption

Learn how to leverage plaintext visibility, delivered by Gigamon Precryption technology, to detect threat actors who circumvent existing cloud infrastructure security measures.

Precryption is the New Decryption

Deep observability with breadth, accuracy, and simplicity

Capability Native Mirror + Out-of-Band Decryption Inline Proxy Decryption GigaVUE Cloud Suite with Precryption
Plaintext visibility into TLS 1.2 encrypted traffic (non-PFS) Y/N Y/N Y/N
Plaintext visibility into TLS 1.3 encrypted traffic (PFS) Y/N Y/N
Plaintext visibility without CPU impact from decryption Y/N
No agents inside container workloads Y/N Y/N Y/N
No complicated or special routing Y/N Y/N
No blind spots on lateral (East-West) cloud traffic Y/N
No special key management libraries across all ciphers Y/N
No hassle of constant key library updates Y/N
No impact from cipher type, strength, and version Y/N
Extension of zero trust architecture into the cloud Y/N



GigaVUE Cloud Suite

GigaVUE Cloud SuiteTM with PrecryptionTM redefines security for applications in the cloud.


See it in Action

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