Secure Your Virtual Workloads

Gain insight into east-west traffic in your virtualized environment

Lateral Threat Propagation

It is becoming more common for organizations to deploy virtual networks that combine computing, hardware and software resources and perform the same functionality of traditional hardware infrastructure. Organizations are also virtualizing compute and storage to ultimately deploy their own private cloud environments.

As more workloads are virtualized, there is a larger share of network traffic flows between virtual machines. Because security attacks often move laterally, security operation teams need access to this necessary network traffic to effectively assess for threats.

GigaSECURE® Cloud provides a centralized platform that enables security teams to acquire, optimize and deliver the right kind of traffic to one or many tools. With the Gigamon solution, organizations can extend security across virtual environments, eliminating any traffic blind spots across the enterprise.

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Bridge the Gap Between East-West Traffic

Network Visibility in VMware Environments

Organizations continue to adopt virtualization technologies and move toward the software-defined data center (SDDC). As they become more mature in their journey, they are making the move from the traditional ESXi infrastructure to a micro-segmentated and automated NSX environment.

GigaSECURE Cloud provides insight into both ESXi and NSX deployments. GigaVUE-VM, a key component of GigaSECURE Cloud, is a native VMware virtual machine that acquires network traffic from all virtual machines in a VMware environment while supporting vMotion, and enables security and monitoring tools to access the network data they need.

Network Visibility in OpenStack Environments

Organizations are investing heavily into building open source clouds powered by OpenStack, primarily to reduce licensing costs and to avoid vendor lock-in. OpenStack software was designed from the ground up for multi-tenancy, where a common set of physical compute and network resources are used to create tenant domains, providing isolation and security.

GigaSECURE Cloud provides network traffic visibility for a tenant workload without impacting other tenants. The GigaVUE® V Series, a key component of GigaSECURE Cloud for OpenStack, enables enterprises to acquire traffic from each tenant while honoring tenant isolation boundaries.


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Our Partnership

Gigamon is a certified partner that provides network traffic visibility for virtual workloads in VMware NSX-powered SDDCs.

Training: GigaVUE-VM Private Cloud Solutions

Learn how GigaVUE-VM can be used to access traffic in virtual and private cloud environments.

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