Flow Mapping

Flow Mapping


Flow Mapping® is a technology found in the GigaVUE Visibility Fabric nodes that takes line-rate traffic at 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb or 100Gb from a network tap or a SPAN/mirror port (physical or virtual) and sends it through a set of user-defined map rules to the tools and applications that secure, monitor, and analyze IT infrastructure. Flow Mapping provides superior granularity and scalability above and beyond the capabilities of connection- and ACL filter-based technologies by addressing the problems inherent when going beyond small numbers of connections or when more than one traffic distribution rule is required.

Gigamon Flow Mapping Technology for Traffic Mapping

Flow Mapping can granularly filter and forward traffic to specific monitoring tools through thousands of map rules with criteria based on over 30 predefined Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4 parameters including IPv4/IPv6 addresses, application port numbers, VLAN IDs, MAC addresses, and more. Users can also define custom rules that match specific bit sequences in the traffic streams, applying Flow Mapping to tunneled traffic, specialized applications, and even higher-layer protocols.

In addition, IT operations can deploy Visibility as a Service taking advantage of the Flow Mapping role-based access control (RBAC) features on the GigaVUE H Series fabric nodes. IT departments can be given access to traffic based on their needs without interfering with the monitoring operations of the other teams. This helps protect compliance and privacy protocols and allows teams to dynamically react when needed for increased efficiency.

Abilities and Benefits of Flow Mapping

  • Leverage granular control over distinct traffic streams with parallel actions
  • Optimize tool performance
  • Obtain visibility into all traffic
  • Replicate and/or distribute traffic across multiple tools
  • Enable Visibility as a Service across silos within the IT organization
  • Scale to hundreds of network and tool ports
  • Manipulate packets with GigaSMART

Flow Mapping can be combined with GigaSMART® technology to provide packet modification and intelligent capabilities like de-duplication and packet slicing, making tools more efficient by reducing the number and size of packets they have to store and process. Header stripping and de-tunneling functions provide tools access to protocols and data they would otherwise be blind to.

When multiple GigaVUE Visibility Fabric nodes are in a stacked or clustered configuration, Flow Mapping enables traffic to be sent from any network port to any tool port, expanding visibility beyond a single rack, row, or data center. GigaSMART can be leveraged on all traffic flows, accepting traffic from any network port and regardless of where the GigaSMART hardware is located within the stack or cluster.