Threat Prevention at the Speed of the Network

Stop intrusions before they start. Route the right traffic to threat prevention tools.

See Threats. Prevent Threats. Stop Security Tool Sprawl.

With the amount of network data jumping daily, security tools struggle to keep up, resulting in tool sprawl, performance degradation and unnecessary expense.

The solution to this challenge is a network security best practice built around the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric, a next-generation network packet broker. Our core product empowers the right inline security tools—such as Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) tools to:

  • See, secure and prevent intrusions within growing network traffic and during software upgrades
  • Bring threat traffic to the front of the line
  • Offload decryption and boost resiliency
  • Make your network more accurate, efficient and economical
Advance your tools

Advance Your ATP Tools

Offload SSL/TLS decryption so your tools don’t have to. Consolidate. Save. Embrace the new paradigm of network security best practices.

Enable your IPS tools

Enable Your IPS Tools

Prevent intrusions by delivering relevant data to tools at a rate they can accommodate. Easily scale. Stay secure. Stop tool sprawl.

Fortify your WAFs

Fortify Your WAFs

Deliver only the network data your WAFs need to protect all your web applications from cyberthreats — at the speed of the network. 

How Prevention Powers Your Tools to Short-Circuit Threats

Right Data for the Right Tools

A complete threat prevention solution filters and distributes only the relevant data to appropriate tools, enabling a resilient, simplified security architecture at a reduced cost.

Simplicity means tools can do more, such as enable faster onboarding of patches and new technology.

Test new tools in minutes, not months. Reduce planned and unplanned network outages.

* The Total Economic Impact™ of Gigamon, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Gigamon, April 2016

"50% gain in security team productivity*"

Reduce Complexity. Increase Efficiency.

Achieve security at network speed. A complete threat prevention solution not only enhances the performance of your prevention tools, it also significantly improves the scalability of your network. Achieve greater productivity with fewer tools and less budget.  

With a complete solution, you can more quickly respond to and contain any threats that may already be living in your network.

Make Data Visible Anywhere

Got new security initiatives? They'll see faster rollouts. You'll see comprehensive data accessibility and control during the process of using network security best practices. With a complete threat prevention solution, your existing security tools will find new and improved uses, as they'll live within a more holistic security architecture.


Increase Performance of Your Existing Tools

Make current security tools more effective.


Bridge the NetOps and SecOps Divide

Synergize budgets and efforts by sharing tools and data.


Black Hat Boosts Security Tool Efficiency

Learn how Black Hat adopted an iron-clad threat prevention solution with Gigamon.

How Malware Traverses Your Network Without You Even Knowing About It

Learn how a successful methodology can combat cyber security threats.

Remove Network Blind Spots

Decrypt and expose malware hiding in encrypted sessions while preserving your security tool performance.

Under Armour logo

“Gigamon truly fits the Under Armour model. It delivers
the uptime, resiliency and scalability we need in a
security architecture.”

Alex Attumalil • Director, Global Cyber Security Operations • Under Armour

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