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Don’t let malware hide in encrypted traffic.

Detect and Stop Encrypted Threats

You cannot secure what you cannot see, and that’s a problem as the volume of encrypted traffic continues to explode. Given the high level of resources needed for decryption, many tools are unable to inspect encrypted traffic, creating blind spots in the network. Unfortunately, nearly half of malware attacks already use SSL/TLS sessions to hide, and the problem is only going to get worse.

What’s needed is a centralized, high-performance solution to enhance existing security tools by decrypting traffic once in order to inspect it multiple times. GigaSMART® SSL/TLS decryption enables complete visibility into SSL/TLS traffic, accelerating detection and response times by quickly exposing encrypted attacks, hidden command and control channels, malware and unauthorized data exfiltration exploits. Now your tools are free to focus on what they’re designed to do: detect and mitigate threats.

Encrypted Threats are Lurking in Your Traffic

Accelerate detection and response with SSL/TLS decryption.


Decryption Zone

Effectively expose hidden threats and malware with SSL/TLS decryption.


Threat Detection in TLS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Learn why centralized TLS decryption is critical to detecting threats.


Beacon Health Options Protects Patient Data

Protecting patient data with SSL/TLS decryption.

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“Today, everyone refers to Gigamon as the central decryption appliance.

That’s it’s primary function.”

Ralph Nerette •Manager of Network Services • Beacon Health Options

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