GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS

Gain application and security insights into your AWS workloads.

Elevate Your Cloud Visibility

A flexible and infinitely scalable infrastructure, simplified IT operations, pay-as-you-go economics — these are just some of the many benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS). And if your organization is like most, it’s probably initiating new workloads and migrating existing applications to take advantage of these benefits.

Security and compliance are a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer. And you need to do your part in ensuring applications and data flows are secure. But how can you secure what you cannot see?

The answer lies in implementing GigaVUE® Cloud Suite for AWS, which provides visibility into north-south and east-west traffic for compliancy, lateral threat detection and application performance monitoring. With insights into these types of cloud traffic flows, you will be able to:

  • Distribute relevant traffic to the right network and security tools
  • Detect lateral movement of threats
  • Verify policy compliance
  • Troubleshoot application bottlenecks
  • Acquire packets via flexible methods, including VPC traffic monitoring

Secure Workloads in AWS

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS acquires, processes and optimally delivers traffic to the right monitoring and security tool. With it you can extend your security posture to AWS while  taking advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud infrastructure.

The solution includes three key components:

  • G-vTAP agents: Lightweight agents deployed on the EC2 instances, which prefilter and send mirrored traffic via IPSec to the V Series visibility tier.
  • GigaVUE V Series: Visibility nodes deployed in a virtual private cloud (VPC) that aggregate, select, optimize and distribute traffic to tools. These nodes also support acquiring traffic from native Amazon agentless VPC traffic mirroring nodes.
  • GigaVUE-FM: Single pane-of-glass orchestration and management across the entire platform, on-premises and in AWS.


Increased AWS security and monitoring

Increased AWS Security and Monitoring

Deploy a centralized platform across your entire AWS infrastructure that rapidly detects threats, vulnerabilities and compliance concerns. 

Enhanced network traffic intelligence

Enhanced Network Traffic Intelligence

Gain insight into VPC traffic and deliver NetFlow records and optimized network packets to security and monitoring tools.

Improved operational agility

Improved Operational

Rapidly detect changes in AWS VPCs through tight integration with AWS APIs and CloudWatch.


GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS

Find out how to effectively secure applications and workloads on AWS.


GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS

AWS security and monitoring with GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS.


GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS Overview

Acquire, optimize and distribute the right traffic to the right security and networking tools.

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Training: GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS

Learn about the components of GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS, including configuration requirements, how to launch GigaVUE-FM and how to use Flow Mapping to monitor traffic within AWS.

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ESG: Multi-Cloud Security

ESG Survey shows the need for strong security and monitoring within multi-cloud deployments.

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“One of CME Group’s top priorities is ensuring we are ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting the integrity of our data. GigaVUE Cloud Suite for AWS allows us to benefit from the cost efficiencies and security of a cloud solution, while standardizing our solutions across our cloud and on-premise solutions.”

Kevin Kometer • Chief Information Officer • The CME Group

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