Do You Have the Visibility You Need in the Public Cloud?

Gain insight into your cloud workloads with GigaVUE Cloud.

Enhance your Cloud Visibility and Security

The public cloud is taking the business world by storm. But as more and more organizations move their workloads into the cloud, many are discovering that with new opportunities come new problems. Namely, how do you keep track of your vital network traffic when it’s not on your network?

Cloud visibility is the answer.

GigaVUE® Cloud is a cloud-native solution that acquires, optimizes and distributes selected traffic to security and monitoring tools. With the Gigamon solution, cloud visibility is easy. Enterprises can extend their security posture to the public cloud and accelerate threat detection while taking advantage of public cloud services. Optimize costs, monitor application performance and rest secure in the knowledge that your traffic is being sent to the right tools. GigaVUE makes it possible.

Cloud Security: The Responsibility of the Enterprise

Public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has obvious benefits – scalability, availability and elasticity to name a few. However, when it comes to cloud security and monitoring, it is often unclear who is responsible.

IaaS providers advocate a "Shared Responsibility Model" where the cloud provider is responsible for security of the cloud and the organization is responsible for security in the cloud. As a result, the burden falls on cloud and security architects to develop and implement an effective cloud security architecture.

Cloud Security: The Responsibility of the Enterprise

Visibility Hot Spots

If you are running mission-critical applications in the public cloud, how do you ensure compliance, detect security threats and have pervasive visibility across the enterprise?

Cloud network hot spots diagram

Visibility in the Multi-Cloud

If you are running mission-critical applications both on-premises and in multiple public clouds, how do you extend your security posture across your entire enterprise?

Visibility in the multi-cloud diagram


Why Do You Need Visibility in the Public Cloud?

Learn how to secure your workloads and accelerate your migration to the public cloud.


Hear from the CEO

Gigamon CEO Paul Hooper discusses why you need network traffic visibility in the public cloud.


Research on Current Trends and Factors Affecting Security Teams

451 Research study shows that cloud infrastructure security is on the top three security projects list for 2018.

“One of CME Group’s top priorities is ensuring we are ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting the integrity of our data. GigaVUE Cloud allows us to benefit from the cost efficiencies and security of a cloud solution, while standardizing our solutions across our cloud and on-premise solutions.”

Kevin Kometer • CIO • CME Group

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