Empower InfoSec Teams

Minimize the complexity of your security stack by delivering the right data to your tools to improve performance and increase their effectiveness.

See What's On Your Network

Reliable Data Access

Empower your security and network tools with the right data.

Centralized NetFlow/IPFIX

Generate and route unsampled, consistent NetFlow data to your tools and other data collectors.

Application Intelligence

Get complete application visibility and share application traffic and metadata with your tool ecosystem.

Secure and Optimize

Accelerated Network Detection and Response

Detect, hunt and investigate threats to your organization in real time with Gigamon Insight.

Automated Metadata Generation

Extract application and transaction metadata to optimize your SIEMs and other analytics tools.

Centralized SSL/TLS Decryption

Centralize SSL/TLS decryption to expose hidden threats without sacrificing tool performance.

Resilient Inline Bypass

Increase resiliency and get the most out of your security tools.

Simplified Network Upgrades

Maintain visibility and security during network upgrades and infrastructure transformation.

Get SecureVUE: Bundled GigaSMART Apps for Security Teams to Improve Security

Key Security Insights for 2019

How does your security posture stack up against your peers? Find out in the 2019 Cyberthreat Defense Report.