Inline Bypass Protection

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What is Inline Bypass?

There are two ways to avoid network downtime in the face of threats: One is tool redundancy, complemented by a Gigamon visibility node; the other is inline bypass. Inline bypass acts as a fail-safe access port for inline security tools, such as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) solution. As of now, inline security tools are single points of failure in a network. If a tool loses power, has its software fail or is taken offline for updates, traffic can no longer flow through this protective link. And failing inline tools can disrupt the very applications and services they are meant to protect.

A component of the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform and the GigaVUE® operating system, inline bypass removes the failure point by automatically switching traffic via bypass mode — keeping critical network traffic and protection up and running.

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Most Advanced Physical and Logical Bypass.

Bypass protection comes in two forms: logical and physical. Both operate on the principle that traffic must continue, even if it can't be inspected.

Physical bypass is the ability to physically forward packets in the event of a Gigamon visibility node power failure. It also allows you to upgrade your tools without impacting network downtime. Switching to protected mode occurs automatically and without software intervention upon the loss of power.

title Redundant Tools
Inline Bypass
1+1 protection during tool failure Y/N Y/N
N + 1 protection during tool failure Y/N Y/N
Failure detection and tool failover Y/N Y/N
Significant cost savings from tool reduction Y/N Y/N
Session load balacing Y/N Y/N

Logical bypass happens in the event of inline tool failure and forwards traffic either to  other tools or to the network. The system detects failure when the link with that tool breaks down, the inline tool stops responding or during loss of software control, thus enabling you to safely remove or upgrade an inline tool without disrupting the network.

Boost Your Network Availability and Security

Route the right traffic to the right prevention tools. At the speed of the network.

Software-defined. Threats prevented.

Since it is software-defined, the logical bypass functionality of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform lets you:

  • Move tools from inline to out-of-band without physical changes. 
  • Fine-tune your prevention tools in detection mode before moving them inline.
  • Keep traffic flowing without inspection when a security incident prohibits it — and the business warrants it. 

As a key component of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform and the GigaVUE-OS -- and, when combined with GigaSMART® traffic intelligence features such as SSL /TLS Decryption and Application Session Filtering -- Inline Bypass provides a fundamental capability to strengthen the security of 1Gb to 100Gb networks.

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