Application Metadata Intelligence

Supercharge tools with visibility into 7,000+ metadata attributes.



Deep Application Visibility for Smarter Tools

Analytics tools are only as smart as the data they receive. Gigamon Application Metadata Intelligence empowers your Observability, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Network Performance Monitoring tools with critical metadata attributes across thousands of business, consumer, and IT applications and services. Get deep application visibility to rapidly pinpoint performance bottlenecks, quality issues, and potential network security risks.

Part of Gigamon Application Intelligence, Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI) helps you monitor and manage complex digital applications for your digital transformation initiatives.


Rich Actionable Insights
Extract 7,000+ app-related metadata elements from deep packet inspection for improved performance and faster troubleshooting.

Boost Security Posture
Discover suspicious network activity, weak ciphers, expired TLS certificates, DNS tunneling, and rogue user activity such as crypto mining.

Reduce SIEM Cost
Decrease SIEM NetFlow ingestion by sending select AMI attributes, instead of all flow records.

Product Details

Improve Application Performance and Network Security

Application Metadata Intelligence can be directly integrated and easily shared with observability and SIEM tools, internal IT systems, and other analytics tools, providing hard-to-find, specific application information to boost efficiency and effectiveness.


“Application Metadata provides rich application data that helps enable IT to ‘triangulate’ performance bottlenecks and potential security vulnerabilities.”

Scott Crawford, Research Director, 451 Research


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