Visibility Platform
for AWS

Pervasive visibility for network data in the public cloud. 

Challenge: Public Cloud Data

Migrating workloads into the public cloud brings instant advantages to organizations seeking to modernize IT.  It also introduces a new challenge: the inability to access all traffic and data traversing the cloud.    

See How Your Duties Shift

Get a better view into public cloud. Responsibilities shift when you lift.

Mitigate AWS App Threats

93 percent of surveyed IT professionals are using a cloud service, and over 60 percent are moving into cloud infrastructures. 

Warning: Low Visibility

75 percent of organizations need better network visibility.

Security Delivery Platform: GigaSECURE

Turn the tables on cybercrime with the Gigamon Security Delivery Platform    

Get visibility into your public cloud.

Only Gigamon helps you to manage, secure and understand the data traversing your public cloud environments.    

Get visibility into your public cloud
Endorsements: Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

Endorsements: Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

Gigamon offers a complete visibility solution that is agnostic to choices made in the network or tooling layers. Complemented by an open, extensive, growing ecosystem of technology partners, only Gigamon offers the simplicity, breadth and depth needed to support the network optimization and security needs of organizations of all types and sizes. 

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Visibility Platform for AWS

Product Brief

Product Brief

Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS 

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS    

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS    



Q & A - Visibility Platform for AWS    

Maintain Visibility and Data Security
When You Move to the Cloud

Watch the videos from Cloud Field Day 2 to learn why visibility to network traffic is important.

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Traffic Intelligence: GigaSMART

Extend the intelligence and value of GigaVUE visibility nodes with GigaSMART.    

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Get pervasive, scalable, intelligent visibility into network traffic  

Subscriber-Aware Visibility Platform

Manage network performance, customer experience and exploding traffic levels    

Rethink Security

Build a best-in-class security delivery platform.