University of South Carolina: Gaining Visibility Even As You Boost Network Traffic Capacity

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“The way GigaStream technology works, how you’re able to pull stuff in and out as easily as you patch it and put it back in deployment. It also improves efficiency by weighting traffic delivery to match tool processing capabilities or port bandwidth capacity.”

Tom Webb • Deputy CISO and Director of Security Operations • University of South Carolina


  • Users number in the tens of thousands and are spread out across multiple buildings on hundreds of acres
  • Must keep equipment and software up to date while remaining safe and secure



  • Upgraded network from 10Gbps to 100Gbps while maintaining pervasive visibility into network traffic
  • Deduplicated network packets by a factor of six
  • Reduce irrelevant traffic inbound to monitoring tools by 75 percent by filtering Netflix, YouTube and similar traffic
  • Reduced network latency and improved tool utilization
  • Load balancing across datacenters

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