Gigamon Training Offerings

Become a Gigamon Expert

Whether you're just getting started with Gigamon products, or an advanced user looking to validate your skills, we have a training offering to fit your needs.

Learn the Essentials to Start on the Road to Success

Gigamon Foundation

If you're new to Gigamon offerings, the Gigamon Foundation course is designed for you. You'll learn how to initially deploy Gigamon products on to your network, and how to create and work with flow maps which will ensure your tools get just the data they need to run optimally. This course will also lay the groundwork for more advanced classes.

After taking this course, you will:

  • Be prepared to set up and deploy the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform
  • Know how to create the flow maps that ensure that the right data gets to the right tool at the right time
  • Understand the use and functions of the various Gigamon GigaSMART® applications for traffic intelligence
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Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Designing and Implementing the Gigamon Inline Bypass Threat Prevention Solution

If you've already taken the Gigamon Foundation course or are experienced with Gigamon tools and are interested in a deeper level of knowledge, then the Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline Security Solutions course is for you. You'll learn how to design and implement Gigamon security solutions using classic inline bypass, flexible inline arrangements and inline SSL.

This course will teach you:

  • How to simplify architectures and enable security tools to do more, which in turn will enable faster onboarding of patches and new technology
  • How to improve your security posture and reduce network downtime when changing network speeds or swapping out threat prevention tools
  • How to deploy security solutions in a way that maximizes their effectiveness
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Advanced Skills for True Professionals

Gigamon Certified Professional Boot Camp

Looking to prepare for the Gigamon Certified Professional exam or simply want to develop advanced skills? Then the Gigamon Certified Professional Boot Camp is the course for you. Upon completion, you'll be ready to design and implement the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform pervasively across your physical and virtual data centers.

Once you've completed the course, you'll be able to:

  • Take full advantage of your advanced Gigamon packet broker
  • Assess how well your staff manages critical security infrastructure
  • Better integrate visibility best practices for physical and virtual infrastructure
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Redeem Your Gigamon Education Services Voucher

Training Class:

Registrations need to be made directly with your preferred Gigamon authorized training partner ("ATP").  Schedule information is available by following the links below to learn about each of our authorized training partners.

Please visit the ATP website to select the course class that you are interested in taking, contact the ATP and make a provisional registration. Classes are made available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once the ATP has confirmed with Gigamon that your voucher is valid, the ATP will send you confirmation of your registration via email.

To view your purchased Education Services Voucher(s), please ensure you have a Partner Portal or Community login.


GCP Certification Exam:

When you are ready to take your exam, go to to complete your registration and accept the Terms and Conditions.

You are required to complete the exam in one session. For more details, please see the course outline.

Please review our exam guide and system requirements before you register for the test to ensure you have the required setup to complete the test successfully.

*Please see the Education Services Agreement for additional terms applicable to your Gigamon Education Services Voucher.

To view your purchased Education Services Voucher(s), please ensure you have a Partner Portal or Community login.