Drive Digital Transformation

Don't let application complexity impact your business.

Simplify Application Complexity with Application Intelligence

Let’s face it: Today’s applications — complex, sprawling, multi-tiered, opaque — determine the success or failure of digital transformations. Isn’t it time you took control?

Enter Gigamon Application Intelligence, a pioneering set of capabilities for getting the visibility and the context needed to discover, manage and secure your complex applications.

You now have the power to:

  • Instantly see what applications your users are running
  • Route the right traffic to the right tools
  • Optimize network traffic to avoid creating bottlenecks

With Gigamon you can accelerate your digital transformation journey with a new level of application visualization to improve the effectiveness of your network, maximize your tools and decrease both effort and costs.

Seeing is Knowing

Identify, classify and manage apps


What Is Network Performance?

Learn how to reduce complexity to optimize network and app performance.


Driving Digital Transformation

Learn how application-aware network visibility can improve the performance of both your network and its tools.


ESG Economic Validation Report

Learn why ESG believes the Gigamon Visibility Platform is a critical tool for network success in today's digital age.

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“Without complete visibility into their network traffic, it is impossible to identify high interest traffic, optimize network performance and secure the network. With Gigamon Application Intelligence, our clients are able to visualize, analyze and act on the movement patterns of network applications in real-time based on their individual networking, security and mission needs.”

Finn Ramsland • Vice President of Engineering and Technology • ClearShark

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