Save Money and Extend the Life of My Tools

Accommodate traffic growth while minimizing tool proliferation. 

NetOps and InfoSec teams are asked to do more with their existing network monitoring and security tool investments. That’s not easy when traffic volumes and patterns are constantly growing and shifting. As remote working and digital interactions with customers increase, new challenges can arise:

  • Oversubscription of network and security tools, such as WAF, IDS and APM, driven by a surge in North-South traffic — all coming in at the same point
  • Consumption of expensive network and tool resources on non-core tasks such as SSL/TLS decryption and NetFlow generation
  • Existing tools outpaced by newer technologies and faster networks causing reduced throughput and effectiveness
  • Conflicting regulatory compliance with differing monitoring and security needs for traffic containing private or sensitive data

With Gigamon, there’s no need to upgrade now, or rip and replace the tools you’ve invested in. We can help you get more out of the tools you have in place while you prioritize network traffic.

How Gigamon Can Help

Send Optimized Traffic to Tools

Prioritize network traffic going to tools so you can delay new investments while increasing effectiveness and performance.

Offload Non-Core Tasks

Gigamon offloads computationally-intensive tasks from tools and network infrastructure and does them better.

  • Get centralized SSL/TLS decryption so you can decrypt once (even TLS 1.3) and send to all the tools that need to inspect encrypted traffic
  • Take the pressure off routers and switches with a more efficient way to generate high-quality NetFlow

Get High Availability Without the High Costs

Gigamon intelligently redistributes and prioritizes network traffic so you can take advantage of a high availability architecture without overbuying tools.

  • Divide traffic between two or more tools when one tool is overloaded, even in heavily-tunneled networks, with Load Balancing
  • In the event of a tool failure, Inline Bypass distributes network traffic to the remaining healthy tools so you don’t have to purchase large systems for every network link


Application Filtering Intelligence

Gain visibility and control over applications to prioritize network traffic.


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Learn how NetOps 2.0 helps you meet new challenges head-on.


ESG Economic Validation

Learn four business-critical benefits customers receive after adopting the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™.

See What Your Peers Are Talking About in the Gigamon Community

Learn more about how you can optimize your network and security operations and connect with other Gigamon users to ask questions and share use cases and deployment examples.

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