G-TAP A Series: active network TAPs

The G-TAP® A Series are managed, active TAPs for 1Gb and 10Gb networks and Gigamon’s “Always On” architecture. Battery backup power and fail-to-wire capabilities prevent network downtime. SNMP traps alert to changes in power or link state of the network or monitor ports. G-TAP A Series supports 10/100/1000BASE-T, 10Gb Direct Attached Copper, and optical network wavelength and mode conversion.

Future-proof your Infrastructure

White Paper: Enterprise System Reference Architecture for the Visibility Platform.

Use cases for G-TAP A Series

  • Fault tolerant for a 10/100/1000 link providing full-duplex traffic to attached monitoring tool
  • Provides 10G SFP+ capabilities for visibility into applications requiring direct attach copper
  • Active monitoring of link state and power levels to help ensure uptime and connectivity
  • Integrated with other GigaVUE® appliances as part of a complete, pervasive Visibility Platform

G-TAP A Series: part of the Gigamon Visibility Platform

The G-TAP A Series active network TAPs mirror 100% of network traffic including errors, non-standard network traffic, and network packets that do not conform to established protocol standards enabling detailed analysis, security and monitoring. The product’s unique design constantly charges the integrated backup battery while using any of the primary forms of power (PoE, AC, DC), which allows it to assume power load in the event of primary power failure. The G-TAP A Series’ intelligent network monitoring provides SNMP trap alerts when the TAP is utilizing the backup battery, power levels drop, existing links are removed, or when new links are added. G-TAP A Series is one component of the Gigamon Visibility Platform, a next-generation infrastructure providing pervasive, intelligent visibility across the distributed enterprise.

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G-TAP A Series

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G-TAP A Series

White Paper

Understanding Network TAPs – The First Step to Visibility

White Paper

Gigamon Intelligent Flow Mapping.

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