G-TAP G Series

Economical, High-Density Optical Network TAPs

G-TAP® G Series is a high-density and economical tapping system developed for optical networks that supports different media types from 10/100/1000Mb to 10 Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet and 40Gb BiDi. With the modular G-TAP system, you can TAP multiple uplinks, often combining a mixture of modes and split ratios in the same chassis.

G-TAP devices are fault-tolerant to ensure seamless monitoring and zero downtime. They are completely passive optical devices requiring no power source and no software to operate. The external G-TAP G Series system complements award-winning GigaVUE® visibility nodes, combining high network TAP density, optimal use of rack space and economical pricing to create a flexible, one-stop network visibility solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely passive optical devices requiring no power source to operate
  • 1/2RU chassis conserves space
  • Supports up to eight full duplex links per chassis
  • TAP modules support optical network options allowing mixed media and split ratios
  • Each module has two full duplex links to conserve space and maximize TAP density

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Network Visibility

Transporting and securing the ever-increasing volume and velocity of data drives complexity.


G-TAP G Series

TAP multiple uplinks with the ability to combine a mixture of modes and split ratios in the same chassis.


G-TAP G Series

Low profile passive fiber optic splitter TAPs that require no power source to operate.

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