Eliminate unneeded packet data

The Packet Slicing feature of the GigaSMART® engine truncates packets while preserving the portion of the packet (the protocol headers) required for network analysis. Packet Slicing can parse variable header packets, starting slicing after a named header (IP, TCP, etc.) with or without VLAN and other tags. Thus, there's no need to rely on a fixed offset to slice packets.

Packet Slicing removes payload that may be irrelevant to network monitoring and security analysis. This reduces tool throughput and disk space while improving performance and data retention. It also removes sensitive data before it is stored, which makes regulatory and privacy compliance easier.

Benefits of the Packet Slicing feature

  • Removes sensitive information from each packet, thus helping address compliance and confidentiality requirements.
  • Improves tool performance by eliminating unnecessary transmission of unneeded packet payload.
  • Increases storage capacity by giving tools more room to store the important portions of each packet.
  • Increases data retention time on forensic or network recorders.
  • Reduces needed disk space for backup traffic by up to 95%.

Packet Slicing: one of many GigaSMART features

GigaSMART® offers a number of other essential traffic intelligence services required for active visibility into infrastructure blind spots, including:

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