TLS/SSL Decryption

Eliminate network blind spots – your Zero Trust Architecture demands it.



Efficiently Inspect and Monitor Encrypted Traffic

With the volume of encrypted traffic on the rise, including adoption of the latest TLS 1.3 protocol, network security teams need efficient decryption capabilities. Decrypting select TLS/SSL traffic allows inspection by security and monitoring tools while maintaining overall data security. Employing intelligent decryption underpins a Zero Trust architecture by validating encrypted traffic complies with your security policies.

GigaSMART® TLS/SSL Decryption brings deep observability to encrypted traffic. This licensed application enables SecOps, NetOps, and applications teams to:

  • Detect previously concealed threat activity in encrypted traffic
  • Bolster network security against data breaches and threats through encrypted communication safeguards
  • Enhance application and network performance monitoring
  • Gain insights into application and network usage patterns

Streamline and boost the effectiveness of your security and monitoring tools by delegating resource-intensive decryption tasks.


Understanding TLS Decryption: Getting It Right


Leverage Existing Tools
Allow inspection by security and monitoring tools while maintaining overall data and security posture.

Maintain Data Encryption
Enable decrypted data to be re-encrypted before sending it to its intended destination.

Reinforce Zero Trust
Validate encrypted traffic to reinforce Zero Trust architectures and enforce security policies.

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TLS/SSL decryption

Product Details

GigaSMART TLS/SSL Decryption excels in centralizing and offloading TLS/SSL decryption and re-encryption tasks, even accommodating TLS 1.3, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of your security tools and mitigating performance challenges. Integration into your hybrid cloud infrastructure ensures deep observability across architectures, allowing authorized traffic while exposing potential TLS/SSL-encased malware, thereby reinforcing overall network security. GigaSMART TLS/SSL Decryption supports both inline (break and inspect) and passive (out-of-band) modes.

Flexible Deployment Options

Enable TLS/SSL detection on any port or application, with 10 Mb up to 100 Gb interface support. Decrypt once, feed as many tools as required.

Future-Proof Scalability

Protect tool performance and scale as needed. Support easy tool maintenance, updates, and upgrades.

Integration Options

Integrate smoothly with the Venafi TPP™ and Entrust nCipher™ to centralize key management and validation. Address diverse needs by supporting inline or out-of-band decryption. Enable automatic TLS/SSL detection on any port.


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Decrypt Once and Scale Your Security Stack

SSL decryption is critical to securing modern enterprise networks due to the exponential growth in applications and services using encrypted traffic. Malware increasingly utilizes SSL/TLS sessions to hide, betting that security tools will neither inspect nor block its traffic. When that occurs, SSL/TLS sessions can become compromised and inadvertently camouflage malicious traffic. Said another way, the very technology that makes the internet secure can be effectively used as a significant threat vector.

Enabling SSL decryption uses the root certificate on client machines, acting as certificate authority for SSL requests. This process makes it possible for SSL decryption to decrypt, perform a detailed inspection, and then re-encrypt SSL traffic before sending it off to its destination. This helps ensure that only authorized SSL traffic is traversing the network, and that malware hidden in SSL/TLS sessions is detected and remediated within the SSL decryption process.

GigaSMART Decryption

GigaSMART® SSL/TLS Decryption is a licensed application that enables information security, NetOps and applications teams to obtain deep observability into SSL/TLS traffic regardless of protocol or application, so that they can monitor application performance, analyze usage patterns and secure their networks against data breaches and threats using encrypted communications.  Gigamon supports both inline/man-in-the middle and passive/out-of-band decryption of SSL/TLS, meeting the diverse needs of your organization. Gigamon supports the latest TLS 1.3.

  • SSL/TLS detection on any port or application
  • 10 Mb to 100Gb interface support
  • Decrypt once, share with as many tools as often as needed
  • Strong crypto support including Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral, elliptic curves, Poly1305/ChaCha20
  • Power controls over certificate validation, extending certificate revocation lists and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • Integration with the Venafi Trust Protection Platform™ to centralize key management and validation
  • Meet privacy and compliance requirements: included support for URL categorization and FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification

Take advantage of our new bundled GigaSMART apps and stay secure!

Benefits of SSL Decryption on Different Architectures

Firewalls and web security gateways decrypt SSL/TLS traffic but often cannot deliver that decrypted traffic to other monitoring and security tools. Likewise, load balancers are good at terminating SSL/TLS traffic and load balancing to servers but lack the ability to distribute this traffic to multiple inline security tools prior to re-encryption. Lastly, these solutions lack the traffic selection controls to forward non-encrypted traffic at line rate and often send all traffic to the decryption engine, creating performance challenges. Only with the Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline can you get true visibility on different architectures.

capacity GigaSMART® SSL Decryption Firewall Load Balancer Standalone Decryptors
Enhances existing security tools by centralizing and offloading SSL decryption and re-encryption including TLS 1.3. Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N
Exposes hidden threats, data exfiltration and malware. Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N
Supports flexible arrangements of inline security tools with automated resiliency against failures. Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N
Respects data-privacy compliance with policy-based selective decryption. Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N
Supports service chaining multiple traffic intelligence applications (e.g., packet slicing, masking, de-duplication, Adaptive Session Filtering) Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N

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