Traffic Intelligence

Optimize traffic for greater tool efficiency and performance

Traffic Intelligence Lets You Do More with Less

The key to greater tool efficiency is the elimination of unnecessary traffic. But security and APM tools also need to see the “right” data to work effectively. The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline lets you do both. It applies traffic intelligence to optimize hybrid cloud traffic before sending to security, performance monitoring, and observability tools.

Gigamon traffic intelligence solutions such as Flow Mapping, De-duplication, Advanced Flow Slicing, and Advanced Load Balancing, help prevent tool oversubscription and lower costs. Traffic intelligence capabilities are found in GigaSMART® or built into GigaVUE-OS.

With Gigamon traffic intelligence, there’s no compromise between security and tool costs. As cloud and network traffic continue to grow, tool costs don’t have to. 


2023 Hybrid Cloud Security Survey reveals global misconceptions around the extent of hybrid cloud blind spots.


Contain Tool Costs
Enable existing tools to perform better, while helping you avoid or delay costly upgrades.

Stop Tool Sprawl
Reduce operational complexity caused by the need to implement and maintain a large number of tools.

Pinpoint Security Issues Faster
Minimize noise created by unnecessary or low-risk traffic, helping security teams be more efficient in identifying real threats.

Traffic Intelligence

Traffic intelligence applications and features streamline traffic, support data protection, and help ensure service continuity.

NetFlow Generation

Delivers basic Layer 2–4 network traffic data to analysis tools.

Source Port Labeling

Provides context to packets and identifies behaviors and threats based on network location.

Adaptive Packet Filtering

Identifies patterns across any part of the network packet, including the packet payload.

GigaStream Sampling

Samples traffic based on hash settings and helps ensure that traffic sent to each tool is within the capacity of the tool.


Targets, identifies, and eliminates duplicate packets, blocking unnecessary duplication and sending optimized flows.

Packet Slicing

Truncates packets while preserving the protocol headers required for network analysis.

Advanced Load Balancing

Divides and distributes traffic among multiple tools based on a variety of data points.

Flow Mapping

Takes line-rate traffic and sends it through a set of user-defined map rules to relevant tools.

Advanced Flow Slicing

Reduces bandwidth usage by slicing payloads and packets from long data flows.


Provides customizable data protection by overwriting specific packet fields with a set pattern. 


Alleviates blindness of business-critical traffic at remote sites, virtualized data centers, or in the public or private cloud.

Inline Bypass

Routes network flows around inline tools as needed in the event of failure.


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