GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Nutanix

Network and application visibility for hyperconverged private clouds.



Secure and Optimize Your Nutanix Environment

GigaVUE Cloud Suite™ for Nutanix provides in-depth visibility to enhance tool effectiveness, optimize performance, and accelerate troubleshooting of private cloud environments. You can aggregate and optimize traffic from your Nutanix deployments with the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. This provides centralized control, allowing the right traffic to be forwarded to the right tools.

Nutanix Prism can instantiate Gigamon GigaVUE Cloud Suite with GigaVUE® Universal Cloud Tap (UCT) instances to monitor and control operations. Compute VMs can also be directed to copy micro-segment traffic and send to GigaVUE visibility nodes.


Nutanix Workload Visibility with Gigamon Cloud Suite


Eliminate Blind Spots
Gain full visibility across your Nutanix environment, including delivering plaintext visibility into East-West traffic to your full security stack using Gigamon Precryption technology.

Improve Tool Effectiveness
Optimize traffic processing and distribution with complete application visibility while reducing tool load.

Empower Management Teams
Take advantage of single pane of glass fabric management and simplify tasks with full automation.

See How It Works

Apply centralized management and automation via an intuitive seven-step process.

Product Details

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Nutanix, a foundational component of the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, works seamlessly with your Nutanix environment to provide new levels of insight and control over your private cloud environments. It features advanced application intelligence to identify applications and generate metadata.

Universal Cloud Tap VMs

UCT VMs acquire pertinent workload packets, provide VM/port filtering, and send copies of micro-segmented traffic to visibility nodes.

GigaVUE HC Series

Distributed GigaVUE HC Series visibility nodes support traffic aggregation and intelligent GigaSMART® processing.


GigaVUE-FM uses Flow Mapping® technology to direct incoming traffic to user-selected tools and provide centralized management.


Nutanix certifications

Dive Deeper

Setting up the Gigamon Cloud Suite for Nutanix Demo Video

A demonstration on setting up the Gigamon Cloud Suite for Nutanix.

  • Upload Gigamon fabric images to the Nutanix image repository
  • Deploy GigaVUE-FM
  • Define the monitoring domain
  • Configure the fabric launch and the tunnel endpoint
  • Set up the monitoring session

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