Make Non-Disruptive Network Changes

Make network changes – even major ones – to support new priorities without fear of disruptions.

A More Agile Network to Keep Pace with Change

Evolving work and customer engagement models mean that remote network access and digital apps are now critical to growing revenues and customer loyalty. Network Operations teams must be able to rapidly support new business requirements and changing traffic patterns — without fear of network disruption that could negatively impact employees or customers. Challenges for NetOps include:

  • Ensuring a good user experience for both on-prem and cloud-hosted applications
  • Maintaining remote access to internal services by upgrading VPNs, reconfiguring tunnels and modifying quality of service (QoS) configurations
  • Quickly pinpointing and resolving application performance and availability issues

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline serves as the visibility layer in your network, allowing you to easily absorb network changes without disruption. You benefit from greater network resiliency, higher tool efficiency and better overall performance. Gigamon provides NetOps and InfoSec teams the in-depth visibility needed to quickly troubleshoot application performance problems, negative user experiences and security-related issues.


How Gigamon Can Help

Get Instant Access to all Data-in-Motion

Gigamon provides the rich contextual data you need to pinpoint and address network downtime and user experience issues. Gigamon enables you to:

  • Send relevant information from across physical, virtualcloud and container environments, to tools for data analysis.
  • Quickly identify, locate and resolve performance issues with Application Metadata Intelligence, which sends important user experience data to your APM, NPM and SIEM tools
  • Validate that network changes you made are working. Compare latency before and after VPN upgrades or changes in QoS settings

Stay Secure Through Change

Support new work and business models without compromising security. Safeguard North-South and East-West traffic so employee and customer data and communications remain secure.

  • Gain cloud and container visibility to better secure and monitor cloud apps
  • Use Gigamon SSL/TLS Decryption to centrally decrypt traffic, so hidden malware can be discovered

Make Big Network Changes with Confidence

Respond to new business or IT requirements as they arise without losing sleep. Upgrade or make configuration changes to your network and tools with minimal disruption.

  • The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline acts as an abstraction layer between your infrastructure and tools to absorb changes without impacting network availability or performance
  • Gigamon Inline Bypass and Traffic Load Balancing capabilities automatically bypasses inactive tools and redistributes traffic, so you can make upgrades or conduct proof of concepts on your production network

“Gigamon really helps with the efficiency of our operations, too. The network engineer can touch the network fewer times to monitor, troubleshoot, or look for anomalies. You can tweak and tune things on the fly, so you don’t have to interrupt normal business operations to change something to the monitoring infrastructure”

Adrian Lane, Network Architect, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


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