What we do

To do more with your business infrastructure, you have to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Today, knowledge really is power. At Gigamon, we build solutions that give our customers perspective.  Our products help businesses consolidate, optimize and scale their IT infrastructure.  Our solutions tie IT teams together and help them collaborate.  When organizations have visibility into their IT infrastructure, they can see ways to become more adaptive, responsive and profitable. Gigamon helps companies examine their business from a variety of perspectives, from a close-up perspective on their day-to-day IT issues to a birds-eye view of their business opportunities. The closer companies look at their network traffic, the more their business will benefit.

What we believe

We are committed to our beliefs in everything we do. As One Gigamon, we are focused as one force to support and assist our customers to achieve their unique journeys.

Our culture is the collection of experiences we share at Gigamon.  These experiences create beliefs that drive our actions, and actions drive results.  Put simply – our culture creates our beliefs, and our beliefs impact our results. We value and passionately defend these beliefs that drive us in our decisions and actions.


We are focused as one force to support and assist our customers to achieve their unique journeys.


Employees are a powerful asset. They are collectively valued, engaged and empowered for success.


We combine the delivery of market leading products with the nurturing of innovation in all we do.


We trust in our business, in each other, in our partners and the collective team that represent Gigamon.


We believe communication and collaboration empower the success of our company, our partners and our customers.

Why join us?

Gigamon believes in Employees First. Our teams are our most valuable and powerful asset. By fostering an engaging environment, we empower each other to think innovatively, execute collaboratively, and make an impact.  We invest in our employees’ career development through challenging projects and continued education.  We recognize and reward our employees through competitive pay, equity, benefits and perks. We believe in teamwork, work-life balance and fun.

Meet the team

We are a team with a focus on innovation and a passion for life.  Get to know some of our employees:

It’s extremely exciting to work alongside a diverse group of talented people. Through collaboration, Gigamon has provided me with the environment where I continue to learn and make an impact. As we continue to grow, we have been fortunate to maintain our open culture that allows us to engage and operate to scale.

Susan Nagatsuyu

I love camaraderie with the engineering teams that I work with, the ability to influence the product direction and most importantly, the ‘Orange Friday’ beer bashes.

Sesh Sayani
Sr. Product Manager

I'm proud to be part of Gigamon because of the trust that my teammates and I have in each other. This trust is what gives each of us the freedom to excel at our jobs. It's great to work in a cooperative environment where ego and competition don't get in the way. Plus, the perks ain't too bad.

Matthew Pham
SW Engineer

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