Hospitals need access to real-time data to ensure productivity and deliver care without delays. 

Why Gigamon Visibility for Healthcare?

A hospital CIO claims cyberattacks against his organization on average once every seven seconds. Patient records are sold for up to $500 each on the black market.* So how do you prevent data breaches? Secure your network with better visibility

*IEEE Spectrum: "5 Major Hospital Hacks: Horror Stories from the Cybersecurity Frontlines." Mar., 2016 

Turnkey Visibility for Hybrid Infrastructure

See how the University of Kansas Health System uses the Gigamon Visibility Platform to increase network security.

Visibility Gap, Closed

See what your peers are doing to bridge
the insight chasm.

The Visibility Advantage

Optimize your healthcare network and improve profitability. 

Customer Success

Cardinal Health Streamlines Costs and Increases Network Security Efficiencies with Gigamon

Healthcare is under unprecedented pressures.

There's no other industry right now under such increasing and continuous targeted attack as healthcare. Data breaches are nearly a daily occurrence*, yet unfortunately, many executives in the space don't understand cybersecurity, which often results in IT having to show measurable results for budget—even when taking preventive measures. On top of this, IT resource funding must compete with allocations for lifesaving facilities, equipment and medication, which nearly always makes security spending seem less important.

Visibility can be an effective intermediary. By monitoring all traffic within the organization, a visibility platform identifies and isolates threats from inside and outside, such as malware and unusual downloads of patient records. In cases where breaches have already occurred, visibility enables accurate reporting to comply with regulatory standards, and acts as a catalyst for rapid remediation.

*U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights Breach Portal. Apr., 2017. 

Turn complexity into simplicity.

As patients engage with institutions through telemedicine and mobile devices, connected networks become more complex and risky. Adoption of modern and extensive medical systems, or Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), without prior in-depth consideration of bandwidth and security can also create vulnerabilities.

Pervasive visibility gives your medical institution complete awareness and understanding of network data and potential threats. 

A new vision of network security

Gain visibility into every previously hidden corner of your network so you
can simplify and automate.


Customer Success

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Selects Gigamon for Pervasive Visibility


Network TAPS: How They Work

White Paper

Understanding Network TAPS: The First Step to Visibility

Product Brief

G-TAP A Series: Active Network TAPS

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