OT, ICS, and IoT Smart Devices Are the New Security Frontier

Gain visibility and control over all the devices on your network.

To Secure Smart Devices, First You Need Visibility

OT, ICS, and IoT devices enable organizations across a wide range of industries to increase productivity, improve product and service quality, and reduce costs. However, without effective monitoring and management, these devices can expose you to new security threats, including malware and increased risk of breaches.

The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline provides visibility into all traffic from these devices and allows you to better understand insights like:

  • The number and location of authorized and unauthorized devices on the network
  • Which devices have the latest patches and which are potentially vulnerable
  • The servers and protocols with which a device communicates
  • Device utilization levels
IOT, OT, IT convergence

Utilities, manufacturing, and logistics organizations have been at the forefront of OT-based automation for years. These organizations often rely on a mix of systems ranging from state-of-the-art IIoT solutions to older systems based on ageing technologies and unique protocols. The varying security capabilities of these systems means that security must be provided at the network, not device, level — especially for those devices that support remote access.

The foundational requirement to solve these challenges is to gain full visibility to all the devices on the network and the traffic they generate. Gigamon provides complete visibility into this traffic using a unidirectional tap that ensures other network traffic does not pollute production data.


Healthcare has been deeply — and positively — impacted by smart devices from surgical robots to remote patient monitoring to simple devices such as intelligent pumps. However, the rapid adoption of such devices in hospitals and labs has left many IT teams struggling with issues ranging from gathering basic device identification to monitoring critical security issues, such as ensuring that these devices are communicating only with authorized servers and that and they are patched to the latest levels.

Gigamon collects all of the device and traffic information — whether wired or wireless — and ensures that the security and management systems that need this data have access to ensure the best possible patient outcomes and the cost-efficiency that these IoMT devices promise.

Between smart building technologies and the myriad of devices used in our personal and business lives, it's almost impossible for organizations to retain effective security and IT controls without complete visibility into all of these devices and all of the traffic they generate. The sheer number and variety of these devices now represent a major challenge for many IT organizations already struggling with other critical initiatives, such as cloud migration and new security architectures.

Gigamon and our Technology Alliance partners can provide the complete device and traffic visibility you need to ensure these devices are secure and that your organization is the beneficiary — and not the victim — of these smart devices.


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