Gigamon Maintains Leadership Position in Deep Observability Market with 61 Percent Market Share in 2024 According to New Frost & Sullivan Research

Research separates traditional observability from deep observability solutions as more organizations seek real-time visibility across hybrid cloud infrastructure to enhance security posture

Santa Clara, Calif. – June 27, 2024 — Gigamon, a leader in deep observability, has been recognized as a leading vendor in the growing deep observability market, according to new research by Frost & Sullivan commissioned by Gigamon. Overall, the deep observability total addressable market (TAM) is estimated at $570 million in 2024, growing to $2.1 billion in 2028, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40 percent as organizations increasingly embrace hybrid cloud infrastructure, according to the study.

In the recently published Gigamon 2024 Hybrid Cloud Security Report, 8 in 10 respondents reported that their board is discussing deep observability as a priority to better secure and manage hybrid cloud infrastructure, and 84 percent agree that deep observability is key to mitigating exposure to cybersecurity attacks. Yet today, organizations are still grappling with visibility challenges, as the survey revealed one in three breaches are going undetected, and just 25 percent of organizations are able to respond to cyber threats in real time. Amid today’s evolving threat landscape, organizations are prioritizing visibility across all data in motion, fueling significant growth in the deep observability market. 

Deep Observability Delivers Comprehensive Visibility, Cost Efficiencies for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure 

Frost & Sullivan defines deep observability as the ability to efficiently deliver network-derived intelligence to cloud, security, and observability tools. The deep observability market has emerged from the broader observability market which relies on metric, event, log, and trace (MELT) data, as organizations augment this data with network-derived intelligence and insights to gain visibility into encrypted and lateral, East-West traffic to improve their overall security posture and optimize network and application performance, according to the research. 

“Deep observability solutions are essential for organizations in mitigating exposure to today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape and go beyond log-based security and observability tools to detect network anomalies and ransomware attacks that existing tools simply can’t see," stated Vinay Biradar, associate director, Cybersecurity Advisory at Frost & Sullivan. "Moreover, achieving a Zero Trust security model can’t be done without deep observability, which is a key driver for organizations today. Our research highlights Gigamon as the industry leader, offering the most comprehensive deep observability pipeline and generating the highest revenues from its deep observability pipeline offering. As the frontrunner, Gigamon empowers organizations to enhance their performance, security, and user experience.”

According to the research, the global deep observability market is significantly influenced by the high adoption rates among large enterprises (5000+ employees) and US Federal Agencies, with the Americas region being the key driver. Key findings on factors that drive deep observability adoption include:

  • Increasing need for comprehensive network traffic insights
  • Increasing need to detect advanced threats, including ransomware
  • Need to reduce operational IT costs, enhance the efficiency of security and monitoring solutions
  • Increasing implementation of Zero Trust architecture
  • Complement cloud service providers’ (CSPs’) monitoring capabilities to support hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure

"With the increasing complexity of securing and managing today’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, end-to-end visibility is paramount to detecting advanced cyber threats that would have otherwise flown under the radar of existing security and observability tools," said Shane Buckley, president and CEO at Gigamon. "The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline empowers our customers to leverage network-derived intelligence across virtual machines, containers, cloud, and physical infrastructure, illuminating potential blind spots and vulnerabilities where threat actors could hide. The continued validation of deep observability as a rapidly growing market category underscores its significance in modern cybersecurity frameworks."

About the Frost & Sullivan Deep Observability Research 

Frost & Sullivan conducted a top-down analysis of the Deep Observability Market by estimating the total number of large enterprises globally and US Federal Agencies’ adoption of deep observability solutions, and the average spending of an enterprise on the solution. The data for the findings was gathered by Frost & Sullivan research as well as through primary interviews with market participants including Gigamon. 

To download the Frost & Sullivan Deep Observability market research, click here

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