Gigamon Partners Embrace New Precryption Technology as a Game-Changer for Detecting Previously Concealed Threat Activity Within Encrypted Network Traffic

GigaVUE 6.4 advanced security capabilities provide Gigamon partners with a set of new cyber defenses to turn the tables on cybercriminals seeking to exploit encrypted traffic

Santa Clara, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2023 – Gigamon, the leading deep observability company, today announced that its global partners have embraced the new Gigamon Precryption technology as a game-changing innovation to empower customers against cyberthreats lurking within encrypted network traffic. In a related announcement today, Gigamon announced Precryption technology, as well as a series of breakthrough cybersecurity innovations to the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, in its latest GigaVUE 6.4 software release designed to help customers to better manage and secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Ninety percent of all IT and security leaders admit they have suffered a data breach in the past 18 months, according to the recent Gigamon 2023 Hybrid Cloud Security Survey. While few worry about high-level visibility into their hybrid cloud infrastructure, nearly all respondents (96 percent) agree that today cloud security is dependent on gaining visibility across all data in motion. That same group (97 percent) cite deep observability as an important element of their cloud security.

“With modern cybersecurity initiatives driving comprehensive encryption both outside and inside the network, any solution that eases the burden of decryption in support of NDR initiatives represents a huge win for our clients in the public sector,” said Ryan Morris, president of Blackwood. “As Gigamon continues to expand its capabilities with innovations like Precryption technology, the company hasn’t lost track of what made its technology so dominant in the first place – providing deep observability into network traffic to improve cybersecurity and data analytics.”

“Enterprises have embraced hybrid cloud, and as a result security operations center teams are challenged with ensuring visibility and control over emerging hybrid attackers. The Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, including the new Gigamon Precryption technology, works with our Vectra AI Platform to give security teams at our mutual customers the visibility and control they need to move at the speed and scale of the hybrid enterprise — and hybrid attackers,” said Brad Woodberg, senior director of product management at Vectra AI.

Gigamon Precryption Technology: One Solution for All Cloud Traffic, All Encryption Technologies
Gigamon Precryption technology reveals previously concealed threat activity, including lateral movement, malware distribution, and data exfiltration inside virtual, cloud, and container applications.

"I have been saying for years that encryption is the armor that shields modern hybrid cloud infrastructure by safeguarding data integrity and privacy against the adversaries who seek to steal and disrupt our operations,” said Chris Konrad, area vice president, Global Cyber for World Wide Technology. “In our security practice we are finding that those adversaries are increasingly exploiting encrypted traffic to attack organizations through East-West or lateral channels. Specifically developed to address this challenge, Gigamon Precryption technology is a breakthrough solution that will reveal that threat activity and allow us to remediate threats in an easy-to-use manner.”

Gigamon and its Ecosystem Redefine Hybrid Cloud and Zero Trust Security Best Practices
Together with its partners Gigamon is well positioned to help global enterprise IT organizations level the playing field against cybercriminals as they seek to conceal their activity and intentions within the encrypted network traffic. This unobscured visibility into encrypted traffic, for the first time with an automated solution, delivers a powerful foundation for organizations to establish a Zero Trust model and allows organizations to redefine best practices for security and compliance across hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

“Our Fortune 1000 clients come to Trace3 for holistic, innovative solutions to the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape,” said Chris Nicholas, senior vice president, Cloud Solutions Group at Trace3. “When my team reviewed Gigamon’s Precryption technology, we came away very impressed. It offers a unique deep level of observability for encrypted traffic, which is exactly what enterprise technologists are looking for.”

“We continue to advance the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline solution, now adding Precryption technology to solve a critical issue that our partners and mutual customers face: blind spots in encrypted traffic,” said Dee Dee Acquista, vice president of Worldwide Channel and Alliances at Gigamon. “We’re thrilled to enable our partners to deliver best-in-class security solutions that also boost the effectiveness of their security tools.”

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