Gigamon Sponsored Report Highlights IT Security Professionals Perception of Cyberthreats, the Challenges They Face and Their Plans to Overcome Them

2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report findings show a rise in diverse cyberattacks and a shortage of skilled IT teams, signaling the need for automated security solutions

Santa Clara, CA - June 4, 2020 - As organizations enter the New Tomorrow, their IT security teams are in need of real data points to validate how their perceptions, priorities, and security postures stack up against those of their peers. To help these teams sift through the noise, identify real trends and identify key actions their peers are taking, Gigamon partnered with CyberEdge Group for its seventh annual Cyberthreat Defense Report. The in-depth report reveals how IT security professionals perceive the security posture of their organizations, the challenges they face in establishing effective cyberthreat defenses and the plans they have to overcome these challenges. This data is more critical than ever as attack surfaces increased at an exponential rate during the recent shift to fluid workspaces.

Key highlights from the CyberEdge Group report around security and network visibility include:

  • Putting trust in Zero Trust. Of those organizations that have not started assembling a zero-trust network architecture, 67% plan to get started in 2020.
  • Decryption deficit. Surprisingly, only a third (35%) of SSL/TLS-encrypted web traffic is decrypted for inspection by network security devices, opening the door to undetectable encrypted cyber threats and associated data exfiltration
  • Training and certification in demand. The vast majority of IT security professionals (87 percent) who have not received formal training would welcome it. Two-thirds (67%) of IT security professionals who have not yet achieved a security professional certification plan to get started in 2020.
  • Security’s slice of the IT budget pie. On average, IT security consumes 12.8% of the overall IT budget, up from 12.5% and 12.1% in the preceding two years.

With leading-edge solutions such as ThreatINSIGHT and Application Intelligence, Gigamon dramatically improves the cybersecurity posture of leading organizations. Also be sure to check out a recent blog on the implementation of TLS 1.3 to centralize SSL/TLS decryption to enhance the resilience of the enterprise network.  

CyberEdge Group is an award-winning research and marketing consulting firm serving the diverse needs of information security vendors and service providers. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, with three dozen consultants based across North America, CyberEdge boasts more than 150 of the security industry’s top vendors as clients. The company’s annual Cyberthreat Defense Report provides information security decision makers and practitioners with practical, unbiased insight into how enterprises and government agencies defend their networks in today’s complex cyberthreat landscape. For more information, visit

Gigamon is the first company to deliver unified network visibility and analytics on all information-in-motion, from raw packets to apps, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. We aggregate, transform and analyze network traffic to solve for critical performance and security needs, including rapid threat detection and response, freeing your organization to drive digital innovation. Gigamon has been awarded over 75 technology patents and enjoys industry-leading customer satisfaction with more than 3,000 organizations, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gigamon operates globally. For the full story on how Gigamon can help you to run fast, stay secure and innovate, please visit